Friday Fun: Back to What I Do Best…

When things go against you and the entire family collapses with something that could be flu or bronchitis or tonsillitis or all three rolled into one, one should stick to what one knows and likes best, namely my beloved chateaux or manor houses, which is how Friday Fun got started.

In previous years, I might have been tempted to do a World Cup of stately homes from the countries participating in the FIFA World Cup, but this year it has been so problematic (not that I was any happier about 2018) that I will just stick to a few sturdy favourites. Oh, and they all are (or were until recently) for sale, so better hurry!

Chateau Pezenac in France, from Sotheby’s Real Estate.
Chateau in Provence, from Knight Frank.

Wonder if the sheep come with the property? Chateau de Marsan, from The Glam Pad.
Chateau Marsan is available for sale with all its interior decorations, which, as you can see, are very chateau-like indeed.
Not just France, Italy also provides stunning locations for villas, this one is popular as a wedding location. From Luxury Architecture.
The Italians never stint on their external decorations, unlike the more austere French exteriors. From Mansion Global.
This Chateau Hauteville in Switzerland was put on sale by the family for auction with all its contents and was purchased by Pepperdine University for its European campus.
The Neo-Gothic splendour of Miclauseni Castle in Romania, from Tripadvisor.

11 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Back to What I Do Best…”

  1. It must be hard going at home, so I hope these chateaux were a brief lift as eye candy. Interesting about the Swiss one!

  2. These are mainly a little large for an older couple, so I’ll take the Chateau de Marsan please. Does it come with servants? And all of you … get well soon.

  3. Not sure I could sleep with all those patterns whirling around the Chateau Marsan and I’m keen to visit Romania one day so I’m plumping for Miclauseni Castle. So sorry about the infection misery. I hope you’ll all be feeling better soon.

  4. I do hope you all feel well soon! Meantime, thanks for this … tempting list of chateaux, though the only vaguely manageable one seems to be Chateau de Marsan… though I’d definitely change the décor!

  5. Well that chateaux display cheered us up Marina, struck down by heavy colds and the after effects of tooth extraction. May the forces of goodness be with you.

  6. I am sorry to hear everyone’s sick, Marina Sofia! I hope it all clears away soon. In the meantime, these chateaux are beautiful! It’s hard to choose among them, but I think my choice would be the one in Provence. What dreamy places they all are!

  7. Get well soon, all of you! As for the houses, they’re stunning, but the older I get the less I feel like I’d want to live in one that big and fancy. A reasonably sized house with a library, yet – but something a bit cosier than these!!

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