Friday Fun: Tucked Away

It’s the time of the year when all I want to do is drop everything and hide away in a cosy little place, preferably in the mountains, preferably with snow and skiing nearby, with a log fireplace and plenty of good books to keep me happy.

Country cottage, anyone? From
This modern Swiss chalet will also do the trick, although it does look a trifle exposed. From
What about this sleek tree house in Austria designed by architect Peter Pichler? From
The simple comforts of a Norwegian cabin, from
Finland is also great at making the veranda look appetising even in extreme cold, from
A traditional Romanian country home which has been renovated as a B&B, see Casa Glod on
This fairytale setting is also from Romania, from

13 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Tucked Away”

  1. I like the first one best Marina, probably because it looks typically English, reminding me of Christmases long ago when we had snow.. Thank you

  2. I think I’m with Peter on this as the traditional look of the first cottage really appeals to me. It looks nice and cosy, especially nestling in all that snow!

  3. They all look so welcoming and comforting, Marina Sofia! So warm and inviting. I think my choice would be that country cottage – the first one. It’s just begging me to come in and warm up. They’re all lovely, though.

  4. The simplicity of the Norwegian example appeals, but the setting and solidity of the last Romanian one evokes some kind of atavistic nostalgia in me…

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