Friday Fun: Wishing for Snow

It has been a cold winter in Egypt, one of my work colleagues tells me, and an unseasonably warm one in many parts of Europe. There has been more snow for skiing in Aberdeen than in Switzerland. So here I am wishing for snow to fall in places where everyone can cope with the snowfall, where people’s livelihoods depend upon it falling, and where it looks as pretty as in the pictures below.

This is the kind of American home I would aspire to: including the colour. From Kelly Elko.
An altogether grander, more modern affair, from Architectural Digest.
Swiss chalets, whether traditional or more modern, always come with excellent insulation. From SwissGetaway.
The traditional Norwegian houses are just made for snow – the red and white and green are the perfect Christmas decoration. From
More red and white beauties from Norway, because I can’t help myself! From
But I also adore the very pointy traditional Japanese houses, like these from Shirakawa, from Japan Objects.

12 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Wishing for Snow”

  1. Beautiful pictures! I’ve been to Shirakawa-go and they looked just as pretty in real life! I’m not a huge fan of snow though – far too cold for me, but I wouldn’t mind admiring the view from inside one of these houses

  2. Fresh-fallen snow is lush (as we say in Wales!), especially in the countryside – but piles of snow covered in dirt from city traffic and discoloured by salt and sand spread on roads is ugly and depressing, and often lasts far longer than the initial dump of the white stuff. Still, your Friday gallery cheers me up, as it always does!

    1. Well that didn’t work! I meant to say Marina that this is a great selection of pictures, especially the Norway one and that I hope to go there in June

  3. I do like snow, Marina Sofia. There’s something so peaceful about it. And that Norwegian home looks like the perfect place to stay warm during a snowfall. It looks quite inviting.

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