Friday Fun: Inspiring Stationery

For some reason, book people are also often quite fond of stationery products – and of course, as a writer, one can never have too many notebooks or pens. It’s quite funny to see how popular expensive stationery is, when we are writing less and less by hand! I will be including some Japanese products as well, for January in Japan, and because they are masters of paper production!

This is the Japanese stationery we are familiar with nowadays – all cute and ‘kawaii’. I think my (now nearly fully grown) sons like this sort of stuff even more than me! From Ali Express.
The Japanese produce a huge variety of paper, from thin tissue to parchment style. This fragile type is called chiyogami, is typically used for origami, and features patterns from traditional kimonos, from LC Paper Co.
Some day I will find the time to take up Japanese calligraphy properly, especially with a set like this, from Art Lot.
This transportable leather stationery set would have been my favourite thing ever as a teenager, from Candle & Blue.
Some people are so good at having a tidy desk with plenty of delicious stationery, like @annimint on Twitter.
I often tidy up my stationery, but it somehow never stays tidy like this for long! From Creative Boom.
To be honest, I am more of a fan of the dark, sleek type of stationery – what one might call the ‘masculine’ look, from
And this is my current favourite as a notebook, Tsubame from Japan: beautiful quality of paper, the pen just slides on it perfectly, opens up flat, and it’s light, easy to carry with you everywhere.

29 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Inspiring Stationery”

  1. Just love this Marina. What a great collection of pictures you have assembled about the beautiful way the Japanese produce paper. For some reason my thoughts turned to how I used to make paper with children in the classroom and a book I have by Search Press on its history. Nice thoughts prompted by Friday Fun.

  2. Ah, yes, stationery! It is irresistible, especially if one’s a writer, isn’t it, Marina Sofia? I tend to prefer real minimalism, so I like understated ones. And I happen to like things neat and tidy (not that they always are in my home!), so those trays and stationery holders are especially appealing!

  3. Stationery shops and bookshops, I could survive with only ever visiting the two. Love indulging beautiful stationery and I still write letters, another of my favourite pastimes. I had thought it started when I was sent to boarding school but was proven wrong when a friend returned a letter to me that I’d written to her when I was 9 or 10 when her family moved. Alas, it’s the post office, stamps and staff who are disappearing now, and the weeks it takes for letters to arrive now, slower than it was in the 1920’s!

    1. I was a great letter-writer too, but barely even sent Christmas cards nowadays. I still love beautiful letter paper though. I used it mostly to send letters to my sponsored child(ren) in South America

    1. Isn’t it just?! I also like those little lap-desks that the ladies of the early 19th century used to write on (and where you could fit pens, nibs, ink and love letters under the lid).

    1. Actually, that last notebook looks very boring… but it is bliss to write in. I am a great fan of Rhodia notebooks, which are hard to source and expensive over here, but used to be everywhere in France, so I certainly like the practical ones that can actually be used.

  4. I can’t say I’m a particular macho masculine type but the “dark, sleek type of stationery” appeals to me more than the baby pink and blue stuff, and the leather stationary case might too though I’d much prefer those 19th-century portable escritoire desks that wouldn’t look out of place in an Austenes or Brontë household. Could you arrange to have one of those sent to this blogger, hmm?

    1. I actually signed up for news alerts for an auction house for precisely that kind of portable desk… but the fact that I never bid more than £30 for them might have something to do with the fact that I never managed to get one.

  5. Love the origami paper too, but can’t stand the cutesy stuff. We do have too many random, loose rolls of Washi tape in our house though, and the holder in that tidy desk photo is shouting out buy me to me!

  6. Ah, I think I wrote about my dream pen (luxury version) a long time ago, namely the Mont Blanc Limited Edition Virginia Woolf pen with waves pattern. For everyday use, I like gel pens and buy Uniball or Chinco by the bucketloads. I also like fountain pens but get my handa dirty with ink.

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