Friday Fun: Use that Empty Space

Whenever I worry that I have too many books, I remind myself that there are still lots of ‘dead’ spaces that are wasted in a house, when they could contain perfectly adequate shelves and books. Here are some eloquent examples.

Around the windows, for example. From This Photographer’s Life.
Under and along the staircase. From
Around door frames. From
This works even if you have grander doors. From Elle Decor.
Oddly-shaped corners around windows and French doors. From
Another door surrounding, but this feels like it could be in a hallway too. From

9 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Use that Empty Space”

  1. Oh, these are all such lovely ways to make room for more books, and there could be no higher goal, Marina Sofia! I like the staircase one the best – it’s fantastic – but they’re all beautiful.

  2. Now those are very lovely and creative – I may have to make use of some with all the books coming into the house… We have improvised by putting a bookcase on a small landing half-way up the stairs, but it’s already full – these books do have the habit of taking up whatever space is available. Will have to find another solution…

  3. I visited a house once where they had even put bookshelves up near the ceiling in the powder room! I guess there’s always space if you know where to look.

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