Friday Fun: Studies for Writing Retreats

I am very fortunate this week to have the use of a friend’s flat in one of my favourite locations in the world (the mountains above Lac Leman in Switzerland) and even two furry friends, a dog and a cat, to help me with my writing/editing/translating prowess. So this time I am not envious at all of the dreamy study spaces below.

Room to write, read and collect books, from
At this time of year (winter in the northern hemisphere), I do have a tendency to retreat to dark, womb-like spaces. Hibernation delight in this study from
If you prefer it lighter and airier, then perhaps this room from will do the trick. Note the comfy steps for reaching the highest shelves!
For the classical design fans among you, I rather like this vivid shade of green. From Homes and Gardens (where else?)
A more achievable dream, I feel, one that I regret not implementing in my current study. From Fisher Noble.
The reason I did not implement the previous design was because I was hankering after a less achievable space like this (in the loft). From Neville Johnson.
And if you just want to read (or write while lying down), there is always the private library of Nuria Amat in Barcelona to inspire you. Photo credit: Ana Viladomiu.

20 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Studies for Writing Retreats”

  1. I wasn’t expecting one today so nice to keep it going from your holiday. All very tempting – probably the second or fifth one for me, and the last one too is unusual, featuring a real person.

      1. Feeling rested and making good progress sounds perfect! When I am like this, I produce words I will keep on the page rather than furiously writing words I will delete the next day.

  2. As usual, any of these would suit me though the galleried one in Barcelona looks a bit energetic! Green is definitely restful for shelves but to me seems a little mannered – “Hey, look at my shelving, isn’t it tastefully done? No, never mind about books, enjoy my artful knick-knacks …” Still, I’d probably go for the first one, purple walls notwithstanding!

  3. I’m so glad you’ve got the chance to stay in a nice place, Marina Sofia. I hope you’re enjoying it. I love all of these studies, but especially the one from LocalArchitectDirect. It’s so airy and beautiful, and when you’re only 1.5m tall, those steps can be very handy…

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