Friday Fun: Homes with All the Shelves

I spent most of this week searching for some documents and folders, and kept telling myself how much more organised I would be, how I would have everything easily to hand… if I had something resembling these home libraries.

A perfect winter landscape, a windowseat, and you can hide unsightly documents and folders in those cupboards too. From
Even the hallway can become an exciting library in this house in Leeds, with a small desk to check out any reference books. From
Clever example of optimal use of even the narrower spaces in the house, from Homes and Gardens.
Custom shelving for oddly-shaped rooms. Might work for that turret room that I’ve always craved. From Boston Magazine.
If you have even more books and a grand piano, plus a few coats of arms to display, then this room might be more suitable. From Fine and Country.
You can stay in this house in the US courtesy of AirBnb – it houses not only a library but also an extensive record collection. From
But I’ve saved the best AirBnb for last – this cabin in the woods has everything I could ever want – books, a desk, a bed, and a view, plus the warmth of wood. From

11 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Homes with All the Shelves”

  1. Oh, such lovely rooms, Marina Sofia! I love them all! I’m especially drawn to the turret room, because among other things, I have a very soft spot for pianos. Music and books in the same spot – what’s not to love? But really, they’re all beautiful.

  2. I love number 2 with it’s little desk hidden away, when I was a child I used to love playing libraries and that would have been a perfect spot!

  3. I don’t have a grand piano or coats of arms but I’d love to have a library large enough as number 5 and actually have all my books visible to me, not hidden in double and triple rows 🙂

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