Friday Fun: More Cosy Reading and Writing

I’m not yet ready to come out of my burrow yet, despite the snowdrops and daffodils that are starting to come out. In the cosy places below, I have no doubts that I would make a huge dent in all of my current projects.

OK, this one is more grandiose rather than cosy, but I do like an armchair and a good reading lamp right next to bookcases. From
Bookshelves are the best way to decorate your living room, from
Use every bit of space, even in the entrance hall for books and armchairs. From
We’ve had many discussions about how pretty attic spaces are… from Anna Wilson Interiors
A bit dark perhaps, but certainly cosy during the dark winter months. From
I actually had a desk very similar to this in the department in Marburg University where I conducted my fieldwork, so no wonder it makes my heart beat faster. From

23 thoughts on “Friday Fun: More Cosy Reading and Writing”

    1. That seems to be a popular choice this week – it must be something to do with the comfortable seating and calming colours, plus the promise of green outside.

    1. I sometimes feel guilty that my younger son got the box room as his bedroom while I had the bigger room as a study (but I was running my own business as well, so I justified it that way). But now he uses his older brother’s room while he’s away at university, so I feel more relaxed about things. But it is also extra storage space and the guestroom…

  1. They’re all irresistible, Marina Sofia! I could curl up in any one of them and lose myself. I think the second one would be my choice, but I wouldn’t complain about being whisked away to any of them!

    1. The attic is starting to get some love, I’m pleased to see. Aesthetically very pleasing, although I’m always worried about the practicalities (insulation, head banging etc.)

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