Friday Fun: Chateaux Outside France

I know it has become quite fashionable to purchase run-down chateaux in France and renovate them without speaking a word of French and then renting them out to other Anglos for weddings and parties. But there are beautiful manor houses in other countries as well. The ones below are certainly not looking too run-down.

The former King of Romania lived for most of his life in Versoix, Switzerland, probably in a chateau not unlike this one. From
This considerably more dramatic-looking chateau near Lausanne also has the beautiful view over the lake and the Alps. From Knight Frank estate agent website.
If you fancy owning a vineyard alongside your chateau, then this one in Canton Vaud might be appropriate. From Immobilier Swiss.
Truly grandiose scale of Chateau de Jemeppe in Belgium, from Sotheby’s International.
This castle in Portugal may look more modest on the outside, but it has the most stunning traditional tiles on the inside. From Casas de Portugal.
A more modest Swiss offering, with just a small turret to please chateau fanatics like me, from
But the one that has really captured my heart is hardly big enough to be called a chateau, despite its extravagant architecture. It’s the view from Montreux that is to die for! From

10 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Chateaux Outside France”

  1. More Hungarian/Romanian castles in future please – I do enjoy your Friday picture curations. I meant to say re last week that Banffy is the most brilliant describer of mossy green forest landscapes. I sometimes think his books were illustrated, or I saw I screen version as my memory of the Carpathians is so vivid. Just the books though – have never been there! Shelley

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    1. His descriptions of the landscapes are so, so vivid and marvellous, I know exactly what you mean! I will certainly investigate some castles from that part of the world – I think I may have done a post or two on them already.

  2. Oh, they’re so lovely, Marina Sofia! If I had the kind of money you need for that sort of thing, I could see myself living in almost any of them. The one in Canton Vaud is especially appealing; I’ve always loved vineyards and wine country. But any of them would be great.

  3. Love these. There’s a TV series called Escape to the Chateau and it chronicles the Strawbridge family’s renovation they did on a chateau they bought in France. They also did a second TV series (Escape to the Chateau DIY) where they follow other Brits who bought castles in France to do the same. Lovely stuff!

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