Friday Fun: Bauhaus Inspiration

Back in the days when I didn’t have children and lived on my own, I was very keen on a minimalist, clean-cut type of house. I still find them immensely restful, and couldn’t really cope with something very flowery, fussy and maximalist. But the pictures below are more aspirational than realistic for my current lifestyle. Perhaps the Bauhaus aesthetic is more appealing on the outside than the inside?

I think that sofa needs to be more comfortable, but I love the rug. From Livingetc.
Functional and light-filled, Kasthall, from
I do like the calm of this bedroom – and the cosiness of the fireplace, but it does feel a bit hotel-like. From Design Tips.
More warmth and comfort in this living room, photo by Stephen Kent Johnson.
Bauhaus principles with nature coming into the house – and lots of bookshelves in this villa in Haifa, from Interior Design Ideas.
A skylight to maximise the sunshine and help the indoor tree grow, from Dwell
The contemporary version of Bauhaus is of course the Huf Haus, with its countless combinations of glass walls.

10 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Bauhaus Inspiration”

  1. I could not live with such uncomfortable furniture or in a glass box! Clutter is not good but I like somewhere I can relax – these houses do not look made for comfort.

  2. I absolutely love minimalism like that, Marina Sofia! I would live that way if my life permitted it. All of these places look beautiful and restful to me – very calming. I especially love that living/dining area, because I love teal. I’d be happy in any of these, though!

  3. I do like the idea of an indoor tree, though perhaps not as in the dilapidated family home I once visited in Ceredigion which had a tree growing up from the fireplace and out through the chimney (and cats everywhere, including on food preparation surfaces…).

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