The Rhythm of Paris 19eme: Arab Jazz

The book’s title references James Ellroy’s novel ‘White Jazz’ (the main protagonist’s favourite crime read), but this is a very different kind of story. It’s not just Arab music in the 19th district of Paris, it’s also mosques, Jewish barbers, black youths hanging out on street corners, Armenian shopkeepers, Turkish kebab shops… It’s this frenetic … Continue reading The Rhythm of Paris 19eme: Arab Jazz

Six in Six Book Meme

I found this delightful book meme with Margaret over at Books Please. It was something started by Jo at The Book Jotter. You summarise¬†six months of reading, sorting the books into six categories. Jo suggests plenty of categories, but you can also create your own. The same book can obviously feature in more than one … Continue reading Six in Six Book Meme

February Reading and Challenges Update

So yes, you may have noticed that I have fallen ever so slightly off the TBR Double Dare waggon this month (ahem! five books or so, without counting the ‘official review copies’). I am all for a combination of planning and serendipity, but this is ridiculous! I blame a conspiracy of libraries and reviewers/editors who … Continue reading February Reading and Challenges Update

Sometimes You Gotta Bend the Rules…

I’ve had such good intentions for this TBR Double Dare challenge and have a whole pile of books lined up on my night-table, ready to be read (not to mention my tablet). But something always comes up and sidetracks me. I blame mostly myself and my inability to turn down a book. But the following … Continue reading Sometimes You Gotta Bend the Rules…

Reading Summary for April 2017

This month has been quite busy with reviewing for Crime Fiction Lover, so there has been less diversity. 7 out of 11 books written by men. This certainly does not reflect the views of the website, so I wonder if it shows that there are more books by male authors being published, even in the … Continue reading Reading Summary for April 2017

The Nostalgia of La La Land

It seems that everyone and their dog has been to see La La Land this past weekend and I was no exception. Oh, yes, I succumb to herd instinct just as well as anyone, although the Golden Globe wins very nearly put me off (I perversely don’t like films that make a clean sweep of … Continue reading The Nostalgia of La La Land

Books and Crowds at Salon du Livre Geneva

The 30th Salon du Livre in Geneva took place from the 27th of April to the 1st of May. Although one of the biggest Swiss press groups Ringier and the Swiss broadcasting corporation have pulled out of the Salon du Livre in Geneva this year, claiming that it’s too expensive to rent a stand and … Continue reading Books and Crowds at Salon du Livre Geneva

When You Loiter With Boxes in Paris by Night

I need to catch up with myself and my reading, but older son is now on holiday and there is still all the end of term stuff to do for younger son. So these will be three rather short reviews of books I’ve recently read. J√©r√©mie Guez: Paris la nuit (Paris by Night) #TBR11 The … Continue reading When You Loiter With Boxes in Paris by Night

The Marseille Trilogy: Jean-Claude Izzo

This is the¬†year to discover Marseille. Named European Capital of Culture for 2013, the second-largest city of France will host numerous events, open new public buildings, enjoy an overall face-lift. ¬†I have never been there, although I have visited the South of France as recently as last summer. ¬†Perhaps, like many other tourists, I was … Continue reading The Marseille Trilogy: Jean-Claude Izzo