Thinking, writing, thinking about writing…


Some people have published books, while others have proferred excuses.

Some people say: ‘Yes, I want to write’, others say: ‘Yes, but I don’t have the time’.  Which is just another way of saying No.

Some people have decided to banish the word ‘busy’ from their vocabulary. They have decided to replace it with something else, something more nurturing, more nourishing, more inspiring.

I have decided to become one of those people. And the name I will be writing under is Marina Sofia, which has personal emotional resonance in our family.

Update:  These days, you can also find me reviewing crime fiction on the Crime Fiction Lover website.  Just because I have sooo much spare time!


59 thoughts on “About

  1. I really like what I’ve read of your writing so far. I just wanted to visit your blog and say thanks for voting for my poem, “Euphoria, With A Gumdrop Incision” (, on the ClownRhymes poetry challenge this week!

  2. My pleasure – it is a very good poem! And, at the risk of sounding like a mutual admiration society, thanks for your kind comments about my work too.

  3. Hi Marina,
    Hope you don’t mind but I’ve tagged you in the Lucky 7 Meme
    There’s no pressure to take part, it’s just a fun way of sharing some writing and looking at editing a bit differently.
    Hope the move went well and you’re not too snowed under with boxes!

  4. So nice to return a visit and visit your site!

  5. Thank you for your likes and comments on my poetry blog – it is very encouraging.
    I like what you are doing here too…

  6. I love the tag line of your blog. “Thinking, writing, thinking about writing.” I may steal it. Kidding of course. I am now also not going to use the word “busy.” I didn’t realize until I read your “about” page that it is OVERUSED these days, and used as an excuse to not get things one.

    Finally, before I learned that Marina Sofia is an assumed name, when I headed over to your blog, the first thing I was going to say LOVE how musical your name is.

    • Thank you for your comment – yes, let’s make a stand against the tyranny of ‘busy-ness’!
      And thank you also for liking my name. This was the name I was going to give to my daughter, but I didn’t have one in the end, so it was kind of… spare.

  7. Hi Marina,
    I’ve nominated you for the Sunshine Award – no pressure to take part, and sorry if you’ve done it before/hate this type of thing :-)
    Jo x

  8. Hi Marina,
    I am happy you visited my blog. I find yours very interesting.
    Your finding time to write is a triumph over the “busy” excuse, yes. I am sure
    many of your readers and followers share the same philosophy. I share the same,
    with you. Glad to follow you. See you around. ;)

    • Thanks for visiting – and I am glad I found your blog as well. Good old Corey for putting us in touch!

      • Yes Marina. The feeling is mutual. I am fulfilled finding new friends here
        and reading various poems. Life is beautiful. Let us be happy.
        Cheers to us! May our tribe increase. ;)

  9. antiquityandadventures on said:

    thank you for visiting my blog pages and very kind words:-).. love your blog and wish I could use words half as good as you do ! :-)

  10. And you’re making time to write. Well done you!

  11. When I first read your name attached to an “I’m following” email, I thought you had something to do with sailing, which, of course, drew me right over to say hey. Marina linked to Sofia: what a lovely handle as nome de plume.

    Good for you that you’ve made a choice to write and aren’t allowing excuses to keep you from it. Back in the day when I moved from sculpting to crafting fiction (I’d been penning poems and non-fiction for years), I had children crawling on the floor at my feet, strewing toys and noise. It’s amazing that one can be in that moment and yet still occupy enough space to create. But needs must!

    • Thank you for sailing over to my corner of the world. Actually, you were instinctively right, I did choose the name Marina because of my love for the sea and my wish to learn how to sail. And I will, someday! Here is the more complete story behind the name:!/11774
      Thank you also for your encouragement – as you say, writing is a need, and could turn explosive if left unfulfilled for too long!

      • Ah, so lovely. Stories with illustrations–or illustrations with stories! Thank you for letting me in to that world, if only for a moment.

        You must learn how to sail. A small boat with your boys…perhaps a Sunfish so that when you topple, you can right it easily. But perhaps not the best idea for cold seas.

        We’d wanted to sail across to Europe (or there from the other direction), but life and caring for my mama intervened. If you and yours ever make it in this direction, give us a shout, and we’ll take you on board. There is nothing like sailing in a boat, small or large, and living on one was like having a bit of heaven outside our door.

  12. Dearest MarinaSofia, I have nominated you for all the blogging awards on my Awards page [I know it’s a bit of a cheat and getting a tad crowded now, but my way, borrowed from jymiely, of ‘doing’ these lovely awards] – I do enjoy your work and love your attitude to the word ‘busy’ :)

  13. fivereflections on said:

    Hello Marina Sofia – your STUFF is beautiful

    time well spent…

    David in Maine USA

    • Thank you, David, that means a lot to me , coming from you. I enjoy your haikus immensely (I am a Japanophile anyway), but there are always far too many likes and comments on your site, so I feel quite shy about leaving a comment there.

      • fivereflections on said:

        never feel shy – your comments and likes are oh so very important too…

        enjoy your company…..

        don’t let the moon keep you up all night :)

        David in Maine USA

  14. Hi Marina, thank you for stopping by my blog. Your writing is beautiful, I look forward to reading more of your work :)
    All the best, Liz

  15. Inspiring! I want to be one of those people too.

  16. Daniela on said:

    Hi MarinaSofia,

    I want to let you know that I am tagging you for The Lucky 7 MeMe in which you have a chance to show off some of your latest work, should you choose to participate. I post about it here:

    All the Best

  17. Hi Marina, thanks for offering help re: Goodreads, it is still bewildering to me, although I am trying! I got my first bad review on there, and quoted it today on twitter, made some sales off the back of it I think! Would love to know what you think of DEATHLOOP… if you have the time… Gil B

  18. Hi Marina, I just wanted to stop by and tell you that I nominated you for the Inspirational Blog award. Please don’t feel obligated to act on it, but please do come and see the photo I made for you. :-)

  19. Hi my pleasure in congratulating you on a well deserved Inspirational Blog award. I am happy I landed here via projectwhitespace.

    Liked the post Happy Bastille Day and loved the quote “Let us read and let us dance – two amusements that will never do any harm to the world”.

    Thanks & regards,

    • Delighted to have discovered your blog too via Project White Space. Keep up the wonderful work of connecting people and opinions – such an important role in today’s world!

  20. Ian Street on said:

    thanks for popping over to and liking the summer photo fun post. Cheers

  21. woosha8 on said:

    I’ve nominated you for a Beautiful Blogger Award. Hope you accept this award as I’ve really enjoyed your posts. Check out the instructions on my page to accept the award, as well as to see the list of other bloggers I’ve nominated.

    Best Wishes


  22. Thanks for visiting my blog, Marina. I like the look and feel of yours. Keep up the good work.

  23. Love your attitude! Changing our thinking from “too busy” to something more positive is a great mindset to adopt.

  24. Hi, Not sure if you have seen, but I have nominated you for the Booker Award, which I hope you will accept. Do pop over to my blog to check out what to do.

  25. Hi Marina. Thanks for visiting and following my blog. After a six-year hiatus, I’ve decided to become one of those people too, who has banished the word busy. It isn’t always easy, but it’s rewarding all the same. Best of luck to you on your writing journey.

  26. Haha, I love the tone of your pithy ‘About’ statement. Brilliantly positive!

  27. Thank you for your encouraging comment on my Poetics write last week. Your blog, everything about it, is inspiring. So glad to be here!

  28. I’m thrilled that you liked my Lighten Up Mondays article – a funny missive that I post the beginning of each week to – well – lighten up the beginning of each week. I am going to follow your Blog because I’m a novel-writer-wanna-be and can use all the good writing examples I can set my eyes on.

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  30. Thanks for liking my post on Trouble in Paradise. It’s interesting : your ‘like’ arrived in my email as I was reading your blog. Coincidence? I’m tempted to invoke that old saying about ‘great minds …. ‘ — but I won’t! :-)

  31. I enjoyed your post! Blessings.

  32. inkspeare on said:

    Hello and thank you for stopping by Inkspeare. I love the name Marina Sofia. Best wishes for success in your writing journey.

  33. Marina, I saw that you liked my book review of “The Elegance of the Hedgehog” at Morgen Bailey’s website. Thanks.
    I run a creative writing website called The Writer’s Drawer (, which might be suited to your philosophy. Perhaps you could inspire other writers there, or write a crime fiction review for the Book Review section. Take a look.

  34. I nominated you for an award. To read about it, please follow the link.

  35. I love what you have written here. I started a Blog as a place to put down those random thoughts we have during the day or sometimes night, and it progressed to a publisher asking me to write a book, so anything is possible

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  37. some inspire by living – a good way to be :)

  38. Thanks for the follow, Marina!

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  40. Thanks for visiting my site and leading me back to your own. I’m enjoying exploring it and look forward to following your ongoing writing.

  41. Hey there Marina, what’s up? Just randomly tuned into your blog and I liked what I read so I gave you a follow. Come see what’s on my mind over at, and if you like, join in the fun! Have a great day :)

  42. Thanks for visiting and “liking” my posts! Yes, finding time to write is challenging, especially if you have a day job, family, etc., etc. I actually had to make a commitment to myself that I would write regularly, and that commitment is what has kept me going. I think if you really want it, you’ll find a way to do it.

  43. Dear Marina Sofia,

    I was happy to come across your blog as I researched Paris blogs on the Internet.

    I’m the owner of Italy Book Tours, a professional virtual book tour company that features books set in Italy, or written by an Italian author. I’m currently in the process of organizing a virtual book tour for E.J. Simon’s Death Logs In, a suspense thriller that is set in US, Paris and Rome. Seeing that you are a writer and blogger who lives in France, and you are open to book reviews, I would like to invite you to read and review Death Logs In or perhaps just feature it on your blog.

    If this offer interests you, please let me know, and I will give you more details about the book tour that takes place in December and January.

    If this offer does not interest you, I understand, and I thank you for your time.

    I wish you all the best in blogging about writing!

    Warm regards,
    Laura Fabiani

  44. Just added your blog to my BlogRoll :-)

  45. Found you through The Literary Sisters and your liking for Kafka. Like what I see so far. Count me in :)

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