#EU27Project: Reading the European Union

This is the year that Britain triggers Article 50, so what better opportunity to bid a sad and fond farewell to the other 27 countries of the EU than by reading a book from each of them? It may take more than one year, very much like the Brexit process itself. Just to remind ourselves, this is the EU as it currently stands.


Plus teeny Luxembourg, which never seems to find a place for itself on any map!

Please join in whenever and wherever you can. No imposed reads, no preferred genres. Just leave your reviews via the link below and have fun reading other people’s suggestions. I have my tentative reading plans here, but they may be subject to change. If you wish to tweet about it, I’ll be using the hashtag #EU27Project (here’s to hoping that they won’t be using it for political or economic purposes in the near future).


The link below is working, but sadly not visible from the page, so you have to double click to see what reviews have been added. Perhaps you can specify country and author’s name in the title of your link. Sorry, I was unable to add a more sophisticated link.