A bit of a grandiose name for the small amount of poems and prose which I’ve had published here and there, but it’s a useful way for me to keep track of them, in chronological order. Many of these have appeared in an early iteration here on the blog, but the final (?) published version is always substantially different. This page will be updated regularly (well, if there’s anything to add…).

Lost No. 1 – to keep the chronological order (I’d forgotten about it):

Macfarlane Left the Stick in Joint (short story), The Vandal,

1) Western Haiku: An Anthology (Dagda Publishing, 2013) – a year’s worth of haikus

2) Offshoots 12: Reflections (Geneve Writers Group, 2013)

Poem ‘No Reflection’

Short fiction ‘Reflections on a Washing-Machine’

3) When Women Waken 5: Knowing (When Women Waken journal, 2014)

Chasing Your Dreams

The Skipping Song

 4) Respiro 22: Reality (Revista Respiro online culture journal)

2 poems: ‘It’s Been a Day of Shouting’ and ‘Through Zoe’s Eyes’

5) The Writers’ Drawer (intercultural site for poetry, fiction, non-fiction, travel writing and book reviews)

Poem ‘Dementia’

Poem ‘Surfeit of Boxes

6) The Wait Poetry Anthology (charity anthology for Cancer Research UK, Camrose Media, 2014)

Poem: ‘Precision Forever Eludes Us’

7) Featured poem ‘You Can Never Go Home’ on Dagda Publishing site on 6th March, 2015 – this poem was also longlisted for the Fish Poetry Prize

8) Think Pink Issue 2 (Pink. Girl. Ink. Press, April 2015)

Poem: ‘Errant Fathers, Stupid Women’

9) Offshoots 13 (Geneva Writers’ Group, 2015)

Creative non-fiction: ‘Is My Pencil Case Wooden Enough?

10) Cecile’s Writers summer issue, 2016

Poem: Twenty Years After

11) GFT Presents: One in Four, May issue

Poem: ‘From Chains to Cherry

12) The Galway Review

3 poems: High School Graduation, Call the Bluff of Autocracy, Wonder…

13) Zoetic Press: Write Like You’re Alive 2016 Anthology

Poem: Wonder

14) Clear Poetry (including audio recording)

3 poems: Moving, Marketable Skills, You are an Anthology

15) The Scarecrow Journal

Gravidae (poem on the theme of ‘Birth’)

16) Offshoots 14 (Sept 2017)

Poem: To Love and to Cherish

17) Alexa, What Is One Plus One? (poem) on Poetry Breakfast, 24 April, 2017

18) A Mother’s Advice (poem) on The Dying Dahlia Review, 2 May, 2017

19) Chiaroscuro: Darkness and Light (dVerse Poetry Anthology, December 2017)

2 poems: Over You Blues; Coffee Shop

20) Recipe for the Perfect Murder, Daily Drunk Magazine, 7 Aug, 2020

21) Pied Piper, flash fiction, Spillwords, 25 Aug, 2020

22) Misbehaving in Stately Homes, flash fiction for International Women’s Day, Bluesdoodles, 9 March, 2021

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