Friday Fun: Beautiful Misc

I love the word ‘miscellaneous’ and I love what it represents, so here is a beautiful mix of interior design elements that I hope will inspire you as much as they did me!

Impeccably organised living room, for music and book lovers. From Tumblr.
Chateau Dazaye-Rideau on the Loire Valley, from Jarrod Castaing.
Abandoned villa in Thessaloniki, Greece, from V Light Photography
Pure escapism on Laucala Island Resort, from
Missed opportunity to turn that window seat into a reading nook and far too much space on the shelves, but yes, a nice home library. From Rose Pingouin.
And, to end on a squeee note, a spotted piglet. From

Friday Fun: Abandoned Interiors

Not quite sure if the pictures below fit in with anyone’s definition of fun. They make me quite sad, as I look at the remnants of past glory and how once stately, cosy interiors have been left to rot. Like animals in a shelter, I’d love to give them all a second chance if I could. What made people abandon them in such a hurry that they left all the furnishings behind?

Also, I think just one room could fit in all of my family and belongings.

Victorian ghost house, makes me think of The Lady in Black. From

Belgian chateau – the parental suite, by Dan Marbaix at Caters News.

Another Victorian splendour, from

Abandoned hotel in the US, from

This is the saddest of all for a booklover: abandoned library, photo by James Charlick.

Abandoned manor house in France complete with grand piano, from

Grand staircase, from Pinterest.

Abandoned mansion in Taipei, from Pinterest.



Friday Fun: Abandoned Beauties

It must be expensive to maintain manor houses and I’m sure we’ve all got better things to spend our money on, but my heart still cries out for these abandoned beauties. Like gracious old ladies, forgotten by family and friends.

Before and after picture of mansion from Niajeros del Misterioes.

Abandoned plantation home Bellegrove, from Historic Structures.

Chateau in France, from Pinterest.

Staircase in a mansion in Oppburg, former DDR. From Maestro Photography.

Another stunning staircase from Beautiful Portals on Tumblr.

This is what I imagined Tara to look like (in Gone with the Wind). From Pinterest.

Taunton State Hospital in Massachusetts from

Another American house boarded up, from



Friday Fun: Deserted Places

It appears that just like there are women who keep on taking on losers in the hope of changing and redeeming them, so many of us love abandoned old buildings and dream of restoring them to their former glory. Did you know there is even a name for all those websites showing pictures of houses in decay? Ruin porn. Yep, it’s a trend.

I prefer my living spaces clean and airy, but just occasionally I succumb to the romanticism of the ruins.

Old farmhouse, Mitula Immobilier
Old farmhouse, Mitula Immobilier

Chateau in La Rochelle, from A Vendre A Louer.
Chateau in La Rochelle, from A Vendre A Louer.


Abandoned town of Abkhazia, from
Abandoned town of Abkhazia, from

Villa in Abkhazia, from Bored Panda.
Villa in Abkhazia, from Bored Panda.

Inside the ghostly mansion, from Abandoned Mansions.
Inside the ghostly mansion, from Abandoned Mansions.

This next one is especially for Kaggsy’s Bookish Ramblings, who likes disaffected railway stations. Here’s a renovation project for you…

Abkhazia train station, from Bored Panda.
Abkhazia train station approach, from Bored Panda.

Tequendama Falls Hotel, Colombia, from desertedplaces.blogspot
Tequendama Falls Hotel, Colombia, from

However, if you want to see how an Australian couple are lovingly restoring a gorgeous chateau in the south-west of France, their website and blog are a great source of inspiration.