Friday Fun: Going Mad in Attics

I’ve just finished reading Marlen Haushofer’s novella The Loft, but I’ve long had a love for attic conversions. In fact, back in the days when I thought this might be my forever house, I was planning to convert the loft into a very big study for myself (so that my sons can call me ‘the madwoman in the attic, perhaps?), drawing inspiration from one of the below.

A porthole, a swingchair and a skylight, who could want anything more? From
This one has my favourite colour scheme and a shabby chic look, but might feel a bit chilly in winter. From
Beautifully romantic rural feel, plus another hanging chair. From
This one actually reminds me of Austrian B&Bs in Tyrol and Salzburg, from
This one is on a gigantic scale, perfect as a ballroom with a reading corner. From
Needless to say, it’s the ones full of books that I really appreciate. From Pinterest.
This one has an especially cosy feel to it. From

Friday Fun: Attic Escapes

If I had attics like these, I wouldn’t mind being known as the Madwoman in the Attic! Eight or so years ago I had plans to convert the loft into a study and library space, but fortunately for my wallet and sanity, I have given up such fantastical dreams. Instead, I gawp at other people’s attics.

Cosy little reading nook under the eaves, from
Not quite sure how many times I would bash my head against those beams, but it does look pretty, right? From
Comfortable armchairs and footrests are indispensable. From
So delightful when you have plenty of natural light or skylights. Photo credit: MICHAEL TERCHA/TRIBUNE PHOTO.
Some spaces are bigger than others – I could probably fit all my stuff into this attic. From
Well, now, isn’t this a proper library, although it’s in a family home in Toronto? From The Globe and Mail.
Given the choice, I would always fill up my attic with books, but I have to admit this gallery/bedroom also looks rather nice. From