When they told you to stop skipping

noisily down corridors and dangerously up the stairs,

did you question your skipping abilities?

Did you wonder if said skip was high enough

impressive enough,

in time, lively, energetic, contained?

Did you ponder in the dark, dawn-questioned hours

in grim solitude, just you and your mind?

Did you compare your skips with those of others?

Did you worry your skip may not find an audience,

interpret each passing smile or twitched eyebrow as snigger

and twitch at every word heading your way?


Did you stop skipping?


I thought not.


Who Is It For?

I will be honest with you.  I started this blog without any thought that anybody would actually read it.  I only told two people about it (or that I was thinking about it).  It was more like an online diary, a place for experimentation, a means of holding myself accountable for writing every day.  I would not post every day, because some things take longer to write, but I would know if I was working or not.

It was to be a place of searing honesty.  Somewhere where I wouldn’t be able to hide behing my professional mask, my deadlines, my other multiple roles.  It was to be me vs. myself in the ring, two sumo wrestlers trying to outface each other. Only the opponent counted.

And then I discovered that I was being watched, that there are people reading this.  Complete strangers, some of them.  Who take the time to comment or ‘like’ my outpourings.  I had never dared share my writing before.  I had always been afraid of … being told that I can’t write, shouldn’t write, should stick to the day job etc. etc.  I feel raw as a newly hatched chick, I shiver a little in anticipation.  I am honoured and humbled.  Thank you, dear readers.