Friday Fun: Writing Retreats

I may be out and about hobnobbing with the crime writing community at Bloody Scotland this weekend, but it’s that time of year when I start to think about retiring to a cabin in the woods (or mountains or on the coast, I’m not fussy) and writing non-stop until spring. Easy enough to do with these gorgeous places!

Even better if it’s in a tropical climate, so you don’t need to worry about the heating. From Pinterest.
But there is something so irresistibly romantic about a snow-covered cabin, from

This cabin in Tennessee looks suitable for year-round living, from
You can rent these holiday cabins in Pennsylvania, from
This one straddles a waterfall – wildly adventurous, but it would make me want to pee all the time! From

If you don’t like the idea of living in remote places, you can always build a cabin in your backyard – if it’s big enough. From Country Living.
This actually is a writer’s cabin, belonging to Canadian writer Ann Voskamp (from her blog)
This one in Alabama is less cabin, more like a miniature Versailles, from
Who needs to get away from home when your back garden has such an amazing view and shed (although I may not want to open the bar until I finish writing). From

Friday Fun: Hidden in the Woods

Not sure if it’s the romantic or the crime writer in me who has a hankering for isolated (yet stylish) cabins well hidden in the forests – even little urban parks will do.

A townhouse in a rainforest – this contradiction in terms does not prevent this Mexican development from being hugely attractive, from Casa Chipicas Valle De Bravo.
Who doesn’t want a house on stilts – just what our ancestors ordered! From
Modern and yet feels so natural, with this terrace overlooking the stream, from
Isn’t this a perfect place for just reading? From
Such cosy cabins are nice all year round – if they have Scandinavian style triple glazing and plenty of firewood. From Cozyplaces.

Friday Fun: Tucked Away Cabins

I could sit and dream, read and think about writing forever in these picturesque landscapes and cabins.

Won’t you join me on the veranda? Cabin in the jungle, from Build Green.

This cabin has ecological credentials and is in fact a proper house, from David Coulson Design.

Never mind the cabin, I could do with this veranda and swing alone. From, copyright: L.M. Ragland

The one with the makeover, from Jenny’s Garden Shed DIY. Jenny, wherever you might be, can you come and do my garden for me? Living

I don’t like roasted marshmallows, but I could imagine campfire stories with friends at this cabin, from The Shiny Squirrel.

Have I ever mentioned how much I like treehouses? From Tumblr.

Friday Fun: Mountain Retreats

Last week, when we were covered in snow, I needed to escape to warmer climes, but the truth is I love nothing more than spectacular, remote mountain retreats… in countries which know how to cope with snow and access and heating!

Mountain cottage in Ogawayama, Japan. From Home Crux.

Anako Lodge in Switzerland, photo credit: Olivier Maire.

The interior of a mountain villa in Sri Lanka,

Hot tubbing in the snow in Pestera, Romania, from Akasha Wellness Retreat.

The luxury end of the spectrum, Finca Paraiso in Costa Rica, from

Far more modest: the Hen House on Skye, from

Friday Fun: Holiday Escapes

Is it time for a holiday yet? As I finally allow myself my one and only week of holiday this year (which will in fact mean finally finishing the first draft of my WIP), here are some wonderful places where you might want to escape, all available for rent.

Villa Pianciani in Italy, on AirBnB.
Villa Pianciani in Italy, on AirBnB.

Rangali Island in the Madlives, from
Rangali Island in the Maldives, from

Bird Island, Belize, on AirBnB.
Bird Island, Belize, on AirBnB.

Cabin in Manshausen, Norway, from
Cabin in Manshausen, Norway, from

Moonlight Cabin, Victoria, Australia, from
Moonlight Cabin, Victoria, Australia, from

Cabin near Mt. Fuji, Japan, from
Cabin near Mt. Fuji, Japan, from




Bring the Outside Inside Houses

Another mainly visual post for the weekend. Now that Spring has sprung (or is doing its best to spring here in the Northern hemisphere), we are eager to bring the beautiful outside indoors. Or I would be, if we didn’t have a building site just opposite our garden. So instead, I dream about places such as these…

Domaine de la Dombes, Ain, France
Domaine de la Dombes, Ain, France

Simple, escapist…

From the Ask Kissy website.
From the Ask Kissy website.

Over the top…

Mountain cabin, Decoist.
Mountain cabin, Decoist.



Deceptively simple…

I think a trip to the garden centre might be in order.

Home Burrowing Time

After a few weeks of business travel and hard work, it is time to burrow and enjoy some home comforts.

But because other people’s houses are so much more spectacular than mine, here are some homes that make me dream…

The Beach House for Those Who Don’t Want to Go to the Gym

The ‘Can’t Believe It’s Not Public’ Home Library

Oresman Library
Oresman Library

The ‘Bet I Could Create in that Environment’ Mountain Cabin

Mountain Concepts Files
Mountain Concepts Files

But a modest microhut will do just as well…

And on that dreamy note, I’m off for a week of holiday to reconnect with my family somewhere far away from the Internet. Have fun, be good, and look forward to seeing you again in a week’s time!