Friday Fun: I’d Rather Be Skiing

You probably know by now that, other than a chateau, my favourite place in the whole wide world is a ski in/ski out chalet, preferably with champagne, fondue and a hot tub to ease those weary muscles. This is where I would like to be this winter – and every winter!

The glacier in Banff, from Jasper Collection.
A more rustic chalet look on Lake Tahoe, from Lake Tahoe Getaways.
Room for books and a reading chair, from Chalet Contemporain.
Love the sofa and view in this one, plus I’ll keep the dog. From Pinterest.
This one is on, Odles Lodge, Brix – if I book, do I get to keep the man as well? Preferably making me a cup of tea rather than just admiring the view.
No curtains, I hear you exclaim. But the skiers go by so fast, they wouldn’t even see you. From Casa Tres Chic.
As I said, I could live there all year round, but it’s doubly attractive in the snow… From

Merry Christmas to all those celebrating today and tomorrow – may you be spending next Christmas (at the very latest) in your favourite place, with your favourite people, anywhere in the world!

Friday Fun: More Tiny Escapes

If you don’t have a garden or a big enough one for a shed, then these little chalets, huts, houses might tempt you – most of them are open to paying overnight guests.

Isn’t this a fairytale little forest hut? I might even look after the flowers for a week or two. From
A frame huts are the world’s easiest design, yet look stunning, from
If you hanker more after the beach rather than the forest, this Caribbean beach hut might be just the thing for you. Le Pirate Beach Club.
Sadly, the appeal of the British shepherd’s hut has been tainted by David Cameron’s association with it, but you can see why I originally loved the idea of it. From Fabulous Fleece Company.
Especially when you see how luxurious some of them are on the inside. From Stylist Magazine.
I can only imagine what my great-grandfather or my great-uncle would have made of such luxuries, from
The ones they lived in during the summer, when they took the sheep up the mountains, were more like this.

Friday Fun: Chalets with Gardens

I’ve not given you much in the way of holiday destinations and escapism with my #WITMonth reading so far, so let me make it up to you. What if you crave a cosy garden AND untamed nature just a little further on? Well, you could do worse than snap up one of these charming little (little?) chalets around the world.

The river just below you, the forest behind you… not much room for a garden, you might think, but there is one (or at least a decking) to the side. Ideal for fishing. Aspen, Colorado, from Aspen Trout Guide.
The quintessential Swiss chalet, with its incredible window boxes. From Swiss House.
Landscaped garden in this offering from Bonin Architects. And well isolated from any nosy neighbours.
Another classic view in the Dolomites, with a sunny pasture to the front for your four-legged friends, from Casa Italia.
The Nokochi – Sanso Villa near Kyoto is particularly beautiful in autumn.
Best for last, I want to instantly move to this beautiful jewel in Romania. From Decoist.

Friday Fun: Farewell to Winter and Chalets

Chalet in Megeve, from Affinity Prestige website.
Chalet in Megeve, from Affinity Prestige website.

Converted barn in mountain area,
Converted barn in mountain area,

Cabin in Maine, from Decoist.
Cabin in Maine, from Decoist.

From the Dutch company De Nieuwe Generatie architecture offices.
From the Dutch company De Nieuwe Generatie architecture offices.

Renovated farmhouse at Sornay, France. From Le Bon Oeil website.
Renovated farmhouse at Sornay, France. From Le Bon Oeil website.

Chalet in Zermatt, from
Chalet in Zermatt, from

For those who need some cheering up today… more escapism than ever… or are simply thinking of buying property abroad and becoming a non-dom. It’s a sunny day, so winter may finally be over, it’s 70 years since VE Day, it’s a holiday here in France.