Rethinking My 20 Books of Summer

Less than a week has gone by and I’m changing my mind about which books to include on my planned list of 20 books of summer. Well, if governments can do U-turns so easily, surely so can I? The reason for it is that I have now an unmanageable 50+ books lurking unread on Netgalley, so I need to improve my electronic books ratio. Even at the risk of running out of batteries… (literally and figuratively).

I’ve tried to swap like-for-like (women authors, English speakers, translated fiction for the same). So here are the changes I made:

  1. Emma Cline: The Girls – about the Manson Family murders and the summer of 1969
  2. Alison Umminger: My Favourite Manson Girl – because the two fit together like peas in a pod

These two will replace Charlotte Otter’s book set in South Africa and Christina Stead’s The Man who Loved Children.

I replace Romanian writer Mircea Cărtărescu with (3) Michel Bussi’s Black Water Lilies , a murder mystery set at Giverny, the village where Monet had his home and wonderful garden.

Finally, (4) John Banville: The Blue Guitar replaces Tim Lott, simply because it is on my eReader and will therefore improve my Netgalley reviewing ratio. Besides, doesn’t it have a gorgeous cover?