Friday Fun: Rural Retreats

Now that the weather has finally brightened up, who doesn’t dream of an outdoors lifestyle in a rural area not too deprived of creature comforts? I can imagine long, long dinners and chats with friends in these locations (perhaps a book club?).

Nordic simplicity and views. From Pinterest.
Anything but modest retreat with terrace, also on Pinterest.
Dining at great heights, from Tumblr.
A cosy corner with a purring cat to rest from all the entertaining, from Marie Claude.


French stone house and courtyard, from Naigara Novice Blogspot.
The overgrown path to the simple country cottage, from Pinterest.

Friday Fun: Country Cottages

When it gets snowy outside, these cosy country cottages with fireplaces seem like a dream come true. As long as you have food and drink, plenty of books and toilet paper to be snowed in. You might notice that most of these pictures were taken in summer… Still, it reminds me of what I love about the British countryside (although not all of them are British).

Holiday cottage in Bideford, Devon, from
French country cottage looks quite different, from
That’s the cottage we think of when we hear the word… at least in England. From Country Living.
You call it cottage, I call it mansion… From
More modern brickwork and no thatched roof, from
And the Welsh incarnation of a cottage, from Visit Wales website.
The quintessential American cottage, from a Maryland real estate agent website.
Weekend cottage in America, from