Last Judgement

She sits in judgement like mayonnaise setting.


‘Mog!’ she utters with eyes of reckoning

slant with questions

dull with doubt


We held together

clung close and tearful

but the worlds we built

were arid

mouthfuls of discontent


Hereafter let dreamscapes guide you to perfection.

Let panoramas pulsate with fury

at the perils of being



After all, the world ends not with a bang but a whimper… and so do many relationships.

I’m linking this to that wonderfully supportive group dVerse Poets Pub, which has become a much-loved second home for me on the web. The prompt was to write a poem in precisely 55 words. I only had to add the first line and this poem became just the right thing.



Pearly grass, mooncast slumber,

Dawn is spreading discontent.

Vermilion grudges, diurnal rhythms,

Now blanched to spent feelings,

Now rubbled to neglect.

Parchment-grail, consciousness nudges our minds

To face the quiver of morning-sharp darts.

The questions rain faster

In pattern of windswept

In fitful stops and starts .

There is force there, even wonder

Should we have leisure to stop and seek.

But we know we rush onwards

In apocalyptic pressure, dazzling, befuddling,

Crushing the meek.


Can you tell I’m about to descend into the lions’ pit again? Two more rounds of business gladiator-ship and then I am done for this year!