Friday Fun: Places for Reading and Relaxing

You might be tempted to read outdoors in this weather, but whether you are afraid of overheating, or don’t want to be come a target for insects, here are some alternatives to reading in the garden.

Everything close to hand with super-comfortable seating. From Decoist.



For the more dreamy amongst you, an indoor hammock is a solution. From Remodelista.
Window seats are always popular, especially with such generous windows. From My Domaine.
The reading nook in the well-stocked library is always a refuge. From Tumblr.
Another home library with comfortable seating, from Pinterest.
Messy but atmospheric, this chateau library from Pinterest.
And if you really can’t stay away from the beautiful outdoors, here is a veranda reading nook, from

Friday Fun: Dreamy Spaces for Escapologists

Well, we all know where people who have an impregnably clear conscience go, don’t we? Even after they mess up an entire country? To a shepherd’s hut in the back garden, of course.

Not David Cameron’s hut but very similar, to be found at Melody Farm in Cornwall.

Here are some alternative places to hide from public scrutiny. All come with a beautiful view, if you feel like scanning the horizon. Nothing to disturb your peace of mind or make you think of the people you left behind. Very photogenic, too, for when you hire photographers to take pictures of you signing your resignation letters.

The Scholars’ Library in the Forest, designed by Gluck, from Designboom.
This rooftop study gives ivory towers a run for their money. From
Endless space to create or pace around. From Ancram, NY.
Sail away, sail away, sail away… From Decoist.
The modest country house retreat, from
Proving once again that minimalism is a luxury, from
Another place on your isolated island, where no one will ever reach you. From Youtube.

Friday Fun: Studios for Those Who Don’t Like Studios

If you don’t like studios, that means you haven’t found the perfect one for you yet. There is such variety out there, so much fun to be had in decorating virtually…

Gleefully feminine, from Where Women Create.


Architect’s office in the famous Talgarth Road of houses for artists, London.
Offices for La Granja Design, Barcelona
Another Barcelona studio, designed for and by Miriam Barrio.
Cezanne’s surprisingly modern-looking pad, with painterly view, France
Writer’s study, US. Although, can this be a real writer? There is far too much shelf space available!
Ceramics studio – not for the clumsy likes of me, but very pretty nevertheless, from Heath.
Home office more than a studio, but close enough if you are a graphic designer who doesn’t get messy. From Minimalist Interiors.
Colourful private studio in Boulder, Colorado.

Friday Fun: Most Relaxed Animals

With all the anger-provoking news lately, I’ve barely had time to fret about turning a certain round age this coming weekend. I resolve to be completely calm, laid-back and serene about it. I will be surrounded by lovely friends in one of my favourite cities in the world, so what is there to complain about? Here are some animals who really know how to stay Zen.

Not even excitable puppies can rattle the capybara.
Why bother, says this wise Chartreux.
I aspire to be like an otter sleeping afloat.
Koalas of course stay Zen almost 21 hours out of 24. And the rest of the time, they eat.
These two marmottes seem to have a secret to share.
Don’t hate me because I am beautiful, says the lynx.
Two grand old masters of relaxation meet up.
Chill out, says this baby sloth on Buzzfeed.

Friday Fun: Hunting Pavilions

I don’t approve of hunting, but I could easily find another purpose in life for these charming pavillons de chasses (hunting pavilions). The Book Club Pavilion maybe?

The unusually shaped pavilion in the Forêt de Dreux. From Wikimedia.
A breakfast pavilion for those hazy summer days in Kassel – maybe to read Enrique Vila-Matas? From
More of a gatehouse than a hunting lodge at Brockenhurst, although I expect they might still do the odd spot of hunting around here.
Sadly neglected, this charming little outhouse of Chateau Blossac. From fundraising page.
The oversized luxury, now a tourist centre from Chassons.
Another renovation project in St Germain-en-Laye, Pavillon de la Muette, from
Another crumbling French beauty from Pinterest.
More of an orangery than a hunting pavilion, in Plas Brondanw in Wales, from
Last but not least, one of the most famous of them all, the Pavillon de Galon in Luberon, France. Renowned not so much for its architecture, as for its gardens. From Regions de France.


Friday Fun: Villa, Villa, Villa

No, not Aston Villa (the only thing I know about that football club is that the first boy I ever went out on a date with was an Aston Villa supporter, and I imagined they played somewhere in front of a white plantation house with a portico – perhaps I was confusing it with cricket!). It’s villas that could be dreams for some and nightmares for others, the future for some and the death of architecture for others. Controversial ones, in other words!

Futuristic villa in Rhodes, from
And they do have an outhouse for the books! From
Flights of Birds villa in Portugal, from Home Design Lover.
Highly exposed design again, from Zachary Horne architects. Luckily, the owners have a dog to warn them.
Sci fi style desert house in California, from Weburbanist
Another Spaceship inspired house, this time in Denver, from Weburbanist.
The blend of greenery and view make the Today House in Hiroshima, designed by Kimihiko Okada (a woman architect) rather special. From Inhabitat,
Rolling holiday homes in Lithuania, from Do Architects.



Friday Fun: Tiny Spaces Looking Great!

Who needs a big, draughty house with huge bills, when you could live in a gorgeous little space like this? (Mind you, I might need another one at the back just for the books to live in) Now if only I could convince the boys that they don’t need a lot of space either…

Traditional A-frame cabin in the woods in the US, from
No space for a conservatory? No problem with this modest little British lean-to… From
Tiny holiday home on the lake in the Netherlands, from
Modular townhouse in Atlanta, from
Prefab studio from the land of Ikea, from
Not quite my definition of tiny, but snug, from OregonLive.
Studios hidden in the Californian woods, from Dwell.
But this Belgian A frame plus extension was the one that really got me drooling – as long as no one’s looking in. From