Friday Fun: Getting Away from It All in the Forest

When we need to indulge our Thoreau impulses but still want a civilised place to live in, what could be better than these forest houses?

Hansel and Gretel updated, from
Spend all your time outside on the veranda if the weather permits it, from casesigradini.
Low-lying bungalow almost merges with the trees, from
More of a garden than a forest, but I had to include this pavilion from Ginkakuji in Kyoto.
Covered walkways through the forest leading up to your house? Genius or madness – you judge! From Pinterest.
California always does things slightly differently, from


Friday Fun: Let’s Pretend It’s Summer

The snow isn’t here yet, it’s just miserable and grey. So let’s escape into summer with these inspiring pictures of gardens, terraces and patios.
Roof garden in Maine, Robert Passaldo in
Roof garden in Maine, Robert Passaldo in Architectural Digest.
Laura Silverman's home, from
Laura Silverman’s home, from
Garden Room Studio, Model London.
Garden Room Studio, Model London.
Asian pool, from
Asian pool, from

Or maybe we should contemplate moving to the Southern Hemisphere. I once knew a university professor who was teaching in Brazil September to February, London March to June and spending the summers in Italy…

Sunday Escapism: Where Would You Go to Write?

New Forest Tree House Study Centre,
New Forest Tree House Study Centre,

What inspires you most?  A tree house?

Or maybe a house on the water?

A castle with a garden for all the five senses?

Chateau, Yvoire.
Chateau, Yvoire.

A book-lined garden shed? (Don’t think about damp and other practicalities for a moment!)


In my grandiose moments, I dream of escaping to the old Royal Salt Mine designed by that mad visionary Nicolas Ledoux.  It may be architecture on a huge scale, but it’s soothingly remote.

Saline Royale, Arc-et-Senans
Saline Royale, Arc-et-Senans

In the end, though, it will have to be sofa. Or maybe my garden deck.  Still, it could be worse, right?


Snowy Friday? Let’s Dream…

… of romantic, remote places where we could write the best work of our lives.  Never mind that there would be no internet connection and probably no corner store if you have forgotten to buy bread or milk.  One can only close our eyes (to the downsides) and dream…

Finca Bella Vista,
Writing Cabin, Connecticut,
New Forest Treehouse Study Centre,
Purple Garden Shed-Country Gardens Spring 2009
Country Gardens, Spring 2009
Treehouse, Seattle. Photo credit: Will Austin,
Can’t find credit for this one, but cannot resist showing it. Please get in touch if it’s your picture.

Baumraum Haus,
Baumraum Haus,