Friday Fun: Tucked Away Cabins

I could sit and dream, read and think about writing forever in these picturesque landscapes and cabins.

Won’t you join me on the veranda? Cabin in the jungle, from Build Green.
This cabin has ecological credentials and is in fact a proper house, from David Coulson Design.
Never mind the cabin, I could do with this veranda and swing alone. From, copyright: L.M. Ragland
The one with the makeover, from Jenny’s Garden Shed DIY. Jenny, wherever you might be, can you come and do my garden for me? Living
I don’t like roasted marshmallows, but I could imagine campfire stories with friends at this cabin, from The Shiny Squirrel.
Have I ever mentioned how much I like treehouses? From Tumblr.

Friday Fun: Getting Away from It All in the Forest

When we need to indulge our Thoreau impulses but still want a civilised place to live in, what could be better than these forest houses?

Hansel and Gretel updated, from
Spend all your time outside on the veranda if the weather permits it, from casesigradini.
Low-lying bungalow almost merges with the trees, from
More of a garden than a forest, but I had to include this pavilion from Ginkakuji in Kyoto.
Covered walkways through the forest leading up to your house? Genius or madness – you judge! From Pinterest.
California always does things slightly differently, from


Escapist Friday: Tree Houses

The weather is set to change to rain and snow this weekend, but just before it does, what better place to escape to than the height of a tree? From there we can watch all the flowers peek out their cautious heads, listen to birdsong and read our favourite books of course. On her wonderful crime fiction blog, Margot Kinberg recently mentioned places where detectives could retreat and recover from their hectic jobs. Sheds, boats, orchid rooms… We both agreed we would love to hear of a treehouse-dwelling sleuth. Do let us know if you’ve heard of one, won’t you?

Here are some tree houses that he/she might like to try out… Something for every taste, modern to traditional, mansion to modest dimensions. I suppose it’s something to do with our hunter/gatherer roots, that we are so attracted to tree houses.

Chateau de Langeais, Loire Valley, from Wikipedia.
Chateau de Langeais, Loire Valley, from Wikipedia.




Alnwick Gardens, UK; from Wikipedia.
Alnwick Gardens, UK; from Wikipedia.


Swedish Mirrorcube,
Swedish Mirrorcube,
E'terra Samara Hotel, Canada; Farrow Partnership;
E’terra Samara Hotel, Canada; Farrow Partnership;