Friday Fun: Villas for an Indian Summer

This week has been surprisingly warm, which has given me hope for my my annual holidays coming up very soon. Although I’m not really expecting an Indian summer, these posts are all about dreams, aren’t they? These are the villas I might consider to share my dreams with me.

Villa in Provence from

Have lunch with friends (perhaps warmly wrapped up) in Italy, from
Hiding between trees is always a good look, from
Undeniably easy to maintain courtyard, but a bit more green would have been nice in this Italian-type villa in the US, from
Spanish villa – I could almost see it as a backdrop to a musical. From Pinterest.
This French villa is actually for sale if you fancy running your own B&B, from

Friday Fun: In a Classical Library Frame of Mind

After the joy of university libraries, let’s turn to those well-stocked (or at least, well-designed) personal libraries. While you coo over them, I will try and see if I can stop the books sliding off my chest of drawers…

Perfect for book clubs, from Pinterest.
Another manly library where the Man on my MFA can pontificate about books, from Design Chic.
Fireplace and two desks, what more might you ask for? Perhaps slightly nicer curtains… From

Finally, a more feminine take on libraries, from A Girl and Her Pearl on Tumblr.
This has ‘Do not Disturb’ written all over it, from Content in a Cottage – although clearly more than a cottage!
Another classic Southern library – I wonder who dusts the busts up at the very top? From Southern Living.
Finally: never mind a walk-in closet, I want a walk-in library! From Pinterest.

Friday Fun: University Libraries

The students are back and the university libraries are full once more. Here are a few where I wouldn’t mind spending some time, although perhaps without the studying.

Wills Memorial Library at the University of Bristol.
Newport City campus library.
The Maughan Library at Kings College London.
The University of Leeds also favours the domed round approach.
The new library at Royal Holloway overlooks the beautiful Founders’ Building.
Duke Humfreys Library in Oxford.
LIbrary in Trinity College in Cambridge.




Friday Fun: Glorious Bookshelves to Cosy Up In

Back to school, back to work, back to reading amidst all the glorious bookshelves. Here are some to inspire you, including my favourite house ever, built specifically around the owners’ book collection. Who wouldn’t commission that, if they had the money?

Casa Ricart in Valencia, Spain, built by Gradoli + Sanz architects.
Another angle of this house that I can’t get enough of…
Books are dusty and will cause you asthma, my mother said when I wanted a bedroom like that. From Fairy Oak Instagram.
If you’re in a tight spot, bookshelves on staircases always work. From Francesa Mantovani.
Sometimes the books are more important than the actual stairs, from Max Wan Architects and Urbanists.
Another bed design, although perhaps more of a day bed. From Pinterest,
A comfy reading chair is always a good idea – but what’s with that space on the shelves? From Vila Spider Hawk.
Finally, a bookshop which occupies a whole little alleyway, Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay.



Friday Fun: Farewell to the Summer Lifestyle

This past week I’ve had to dig out our duvets once more, but let’s pretend that we can live outside forever in the Northern hemisphere. Maybe, in a few years, we will, courtesy of climate change… Additional bonus this time: accents in my favourite colour, turquoise-blue.

I’ll just read here by the pool and watch you swim, darling… From Architectural Digest Magazine Germany.


This modest little veranda and open house in St. Barts from Gaia Health Blog.
Veranda in Provence – it’s all about the dining. From Plus Google.
Spanish version of the veranda, in Planete Deco.
Bring all your friends to this one! From Pinterest.
Just sail away and return to this veranda from Coup de Pouce.
You don’t need the sea to be happy on your veranda, although a pet helps. From


Friday Fun: Enjoy Those Verandas While Ye May!

Enjoy the last summer sunshine on the verandas while you can, for soon we will have to head back into the houses. Here are some minor home improvements you might want to consider.

Pool at your feet and the jungle next door – not sure where this is, but Borneo sounds about right. From Pinterest.
Guest house in Vietnam with a small internal veranda which looks like bliss.
You might not guess it, but this Thai house was built entirely out of containers. I love the waterfall! From
American style veranda, designed by Kristen Buckingham, from her website.
Another American house designed by MEC Interiors at Ten Oaks, from Design Bites. Imagine having your canoe in front of your house.
Americans have got this veranda business nailed, from Pinterest.
But I have a hankering for the sea views in South Africa, from

Friday Fun: Shedworking

One day, when I forget just how cold it gets in the conservatory in winter and how boiling in the summer, and if I will still have a garden, I will also have the perfect little garden shed for my creative endeavours.

This one can apparently be assembled easily, from Leroy Merlin in France.
This one is more atmospheric – I like that semicircular window. From jellysundae.tumblr
Not a shed as such, more of a passageway between two houses or a picturesque way to bridge a gap.
This is very similar to an old tumbledown tools shed that my mother-in-law had adjacent to her house in Athens – except this is the cleaned up version.
Another more romantic treatment of the lowly shed, from
Futuristic shed treatment, complete with a patio for lounging or dining. From
Who needs a shed if you have a pergola – especially if it has hanging vines and grapes? My relatives had the right idea all along, although it wasn’t always as gorgeously decadent. From