Friday Fun: Memories of Summer

It may be glum November weather, everyone’s least favourite time of year, but here are some verandas and terraces to remind you of summers past and that it will come again.

Adorable little veranda overlooking the river – the perfect weekend cottage. From
Connecting bridge between the two wings of your house. From Veranda Magazine.
The veranda as an extension of your living room in Portugal, from Architectural Digest.
Why can’t a treehouse have a veranda? From
Idyllic floating veranda, although the mosquitoes might come to visit. From Country Living.
For the ambitious with endless pockets, from Instagram.

Friday Fun: Getting Cosy in Home Libraries

November and it’s time to roast chestnuts over the fire, cuddle up with a soft blanket and a pliant animal, and read in perfect surrounding such as these.

All this needs is a fireplace. From Vogue.
If you’ve got high ceilings, flaunt them!
More modest, but still double decker. From Flickr.
One home library to rule them all by wood… By Morgante-Wison for Elle Decor.
Steps leading up to a library… which needs a few more books on the shelves. From
For the royalty amongst you… From
Finally, one with a roaring fire! From Pinterest.


Friday Fun: Staircases to Heaven and Books

Ascending staircases to see the views from the top or to access treasured books? Is there anything more dreamy in this world than a spiral staircase (although they are a pain to climb)?

The ultimate of staircases to heaven – or to the Pope. From the Vatican Museum.
The colour scheme of a Greek island, from Indigorock on Tumblr.
From the Gustave Moreau Museum in Paris.
Staircase from the Peles Castle museum in Sinaia, Romania.
Staircase in a Brazilian private villa, from
Relatively simple modern style, from Pinterest.
Outdoor spiral, from

Friday Fun: Romantic Doorways

Doorways into secret gardens bring the promise of forbidden delights, paradise into the everyday and nostalgia of childhood forays into the fruit orchard. Plus, as winter darkness and damp drizzly mornings begin, it offers a remembrance of better days…

The White Rabbit Doorway in Atlanta Homes.
Quintessential cottage garden style, from
Traditional gate designed by Dan Ascbach.
Wrought iron beauty from
Simple beauty in Italy, from Birds and Baking on Tumblr.
Architectural focal point, from Jamie Forbert Architects.
Not really a gateway, but a wonderful space for thinking and dreaming about what lies beyond, from

Friday Fun: Architectural Experiments

These modern villas are often an architect’s wet dream, although I am never sure how comfortable they are for the people who have to live there. However, there is no denying that they have the WOW factor!

Californian glass house, from
Villa on the beach, in
Incredibly romantic outdoor space at this villa, from Home Designing.
Unable to identify the location of this excessive villa, from Ecstasy Models on Tumblr.
Swiss villa with integrated pool, from
Giant conservatory in this villa, from South Shore Decorating Blog.
Treehouse-like villa but on a grander scale, from
House on stilts, from Adorable Home on Tumblr.

Friday Fun: Retreat to the Writing Havens

Any of these writing nooks seem like the perfect haven to hone your art and clarify your thoughts. Some are perhaps cosier than others, some may be more conducive to procrastination, while others are a no-no for tall people. But they all make me dream…

Traditional luxury desk with not enough space for computers and notebooks, from
A nod to craft workshops, from The Black Workshop on Tumblr.
The hidden chalet look, from
The mezzanine study, so you can see all the comings and goings and eavesdrop on conversations. From Pacific Home Studio.
The Sturm und Drang office, from Joachim Guanzon Photography.
The inside outside study, from
Beware of the beams, tall people! From

Friday Fun: Houses with a Quirky Touch

It’s all very well to buy traditional cottages or restore abandoned mansions, but what about these mainly newly-built houses with an extra touch of quirkiness?

Barn in Pennsylvania, from
How’s this for a swimming pool? From
Straight out of a Grimm fairytale, not surprising since it’s located in Germany. From
The blueness of this terrace just dazzles me, from Revista Living.
Hideaway cottage in Lake George, from Pinterest.
Updated farmhouse, by Truexcullings Architecture.