Friday Fun: How I would furnish my house if I could…

Today’s escapism is more down to earth – pieces of furniture that I would like to own some day and that could really take my home decorating style up a level. As you can see, I have rather eclectic tastes, so they might not all go well together!

Modern Italian bookcase design – for an endless space, from
Memories of balmy evenings sipping cocktails – British colonial style may be problematic in origin, but it does look lovely. Photo credit: Tom Harper.
Scandinavian sofas and that ceramic stove, from
One of my favourite collections (Naturaliste) from one of my favourite shops in France: Maisons du Monde. Just like a museum.
That large white display cabinet has been on my radar for the longest time. I wish I’d bought it when I still had the chance, at Maisons du Monde.
Dining table for long dinners with friends, from


Friday Fun: Dream Hotels for When We Travel Again

In the spirit of pure escapism, which is what these Friday Fun posts are all about, here are some hotels that I can but dream of… and which might not be available to me even after the restrictions are eased, thanks to their formidable price tags. However, it’s not necessarily the luxury that I’m talking about, but the blissful and harmonious merging with nature.

The view from the balcony of the Hotel Palafitte in Neuchatel, Switzerland is better than any cruise ship offer.
Another view of Hotel Palafitte, from the hotel’s website. What’s not to like about a room on stilts?
Miles from anywhere in Norway, Juveit Landscape Hotel, from
The pool of the Tierra Atacama hotel in Chile. From
Hotel Andaz Peninsula Papagayo in Costa Rica, from the hotel’s website.
This hotel opposite one of Australia’s most iconic sites looks like a collection of tents, but oh, the luxury inside! Longitude 131, from hotel website.


Friday Fun: Piglets to Cuddle

It’s been such a busy week once more and perpetual exhaustion seems to be the general frame of mind for me. So no new reviews, not even a summary of the many films I’ve watched in the last fortnight. Merely my grandmother’s favourite animal to look at and cuddle. Initially, I was scared of the piglets, because they would follow me everywhere. Now, I’ve grown to love them, not just because they are cute (and surprisingly clean) but because they are also very intelligent and trainable, like dogs.

So small, that this bunny can mother him/her. From Magical Nature Tour website.
Bigger and wiser. From
How can you resist that little face? From Pinterest
Gambolling like a lamb in the field. From White Pine Healing Arts.
There’s always one looking the other way, isn’t there? From the Derbyshire Times.

Friday Fun: Even the Smallest Patio

It’s amazing what you can achieve with even the smallest little bit of outdoor space. Makes me feel all the more guilty for not doing anything much with my rather bigger garden, but I am rubbish at gardening and also would rather sit and read. I’d happily grace any of the patios below with my book and my presence!

Strategically placed reading chair, from
Clever way of ensuring privacy amongst the concrete, in Crete. From
Even a balcony is enough, if you have this gorgeous view of Granada. From Flickr.
Who doesn’t dream of climbing roses – and reading chairs? From Pinterest
This must be a problematic garden, without much sun, but a lot of charm. From Pinterest.
Of course, if your garden is very steep, you may have to consider different levels. From


Friday Fun: Romanian Painter Ion Andreescu

Not as well known as Nicolae Grigorescu or Constantin Brancusi for fans of Romanian art, Ion Andreescu is my favourite Romanian painter. He lived a quiet, sadly all too brief life as an art teacher, studied for a short while in Paris in 1878/79, and painted some of the most evocative Romanian landscapes before his death in 1882 at the age of 32 from TB. He is particularly good at capturing the forest in all seasons and all moods. His paintings offer me pure escapism, a breath of fresh air.

Summer landscape.
At the edge of the forest.
Women sitting at the edge of the forest.
Country cottage.


Winter in Barbizon.

Friday Fun: Houses with Dream Gardens

Many of us at the moment are gasping for a little bit of garden, let alone the gloriously blooming and well-manicured gardens complete with beautiful houses in the pictures below.

Why, I do believe we are in France once more… From
Far more modest and wild in Umbria, from
The blogsite is Australian, but not sure the house is from there. From
I am reliably informed that this was the ‘cottage’ Obama and his family rented for a holiday in France. From
This is what I imagine Sido’s garden (Colette’s mother) to have resembled. From

Friday Fun: Open Windows

Hmm, I wonder why open windows and escape are top of my mind at this moment in time… Here are some houses that really do not need escaping from, to keep you relaxed and dreamy.

American East Coast glamour, from
Is that your home office I spy over there? From
Luxury spa in Tuscany, from
If you do make it onto the terrace… from
Garden gates are an old passion of mine, from
Arched patio doors – so elegant! From