Friday Fun: Farewell to the Summer Lifestyle

This past week I’ve had to dig out our duvets once more, but let’s pretend that we can live outside forever in the Northern hemisphere. Maybe, in a few years, we will, courtesy of climate change… Additional bonus this time: accents in my favourite colour, turquoise-blue.

I’ll just read here by the pool and watch you swim, darling… From Architectural Digest Magazine Germany.


This modest little veranda and open house in St. Barts from Gaia Health Blog.
Veranda in Provence – it’s all about the dining. From Plus Google.
Spanish version of the veranda, in Planete Deco.
Bring all your friends to this one! From Pinterest.
Just sail away and return to this veranda from Coup de Pouce.
You don’t need the sea to be happy on your veranda, although a pet helps. From


Friday Fun: Converted Barns

Barns were very popular types of conversions in my part of France, after people ran out of chateaux (or budget) to renovate. Here are some to pique your interest…

The Mill on the Floss type of barn from Brittany, from
Contemporary Dutch barn interior, from
Probably more of a warehouse than a barn, from
Lots of gorgeous stonework, from Red Banana Studio.
American ambition, from
Barn for sale in New York State, from Brown Harris Stevens.
British conversion, from Ideal Home.
And we finish on a French note again, by Franck Labbay Architecte.