Friday Fun: Happy New Year in Your Happy Place!

Here are a few cosy places that make me happy in winter… if I had them in my life, that is. Hope you have a good ‘Rutsch’ (slip) into the New Year, as the Germans say, and that it is a much better year for all of us!

A double-decker study, from PMC Architects.
A study on the veranda to survive the dark winter days, from SF Girl by Bay.
You might be hiding in the jungle, but you still have plenty of light, from
Darker spaces, without windows, can be cosy too in winter. I can imagine storytelling against this backdrop.
Chalets are never far from my thoughts in the winter months, from Architectural Digest.
And when you are ready to conk out, is there a more beautiful place than this bedroom (watch out for the masks though!). From AirBnB.

Friday Fun: Abandoned Interiors

Not quite sure if the pictures below fit in with anyone’s definition of fun. They make me quite sad, as I look at the remnants of past glory and how once stately, cosy interiors have been left to rot. Like animals in a shelter, I’d love to give them all a second chance if I could. What made people abandon them in such a hurry that they left all the furnishings behind?

Also, I think just one room could fit in all of my family and belongings.

Victorian ghost house, makes me think of The Lady in Black. From

Belgian chateau – the parental suite, by Dan Marbaix at Caters News.

Another Victorian splendour, from

Abandoned hotel in the US, from

This is the saddest of all for a booklover: abandoned library, photo by James Charlick.

Abandoned manor house in France complete with grand piano, from

Grand staircase, from Pinterest.

Abandoned mansion in Taipei, from Pinterest.



Friday Fun: Libraries

From the smallest to the most generous spaces… there’s always room for a few more books!

Corridor Library, Dezeen Magazine.
Corridor Library, Dezeen Magazine.

Home library, Elle Decor.
Home library, Elle Decor.

(If you want to wrap up all your books in white covers for a streamlined look…)

Karl Lagerfeld's Paris library, Decoista.
Karl Lagerfeld’s Paris library, Decoista.

Book Mountain Library, Spijkenisse, The Netherlands.  Photo: Jeroen Musch.
Book Mountain Library, Spijkenisse, The Netherlands. Photo: Jeroen Musch.

Reading Nooks for the Weekend

This weekend will be a busy housekeeping/family affairs one. But I can always dream, can’t I, of escaping to reading nooks like the ones below…

From Buzzfeed
From Buzzfeed


But the best escape would be this hammock at the San Giorgio Hotel in Mykonos…

‘Tis the Season to be Cosy

A smoggy, sunless day today.

So indulge me… Allow me to curl up in a well-travelled vintage room, with lots of books, armchairs, plaid blankets and plenty of cushions. An open fire and a mulled wine would be optional, but deliciously thoughtful.

A cosy bedroom would not come amiss, even if it were designed with teenagers in mind…

But, for the ultimate retreat, while there is still snow in the mountains, I would like to hide up in this Swiss eco-pod hut in Flims and do nothing but read and write.