Some Live (Poem for Open Link Night)

Some live through obstacles and rise again.

Some hanker after time.

Some allow others to tell them differently.

Some move ahead. Alone. Dazed.


Every life pales when death springs its trap,

Fresh strike of wasting, our striving, your ruckus,

We remain strangers in our little caves.


What am I but a tourist, you hard-working neighbour,

You fearful host, your drawbridge, your fortress, sanctum nigh.

What image do we leave to linger?

Gather, scatter all the more.

It’s the first Open Link Night of 2016 over at dVerse Poets Pub, and, although I thought I wouldn’t have time to write a poem, I found a draft of one in my drawer. Had to celebrate the New Year and the reopening of the pub somehow!

Letter from the Future

I wish I could tell you it’s all sunshine.

But you’d never believe or take joy in that.

You need cloud cover to hide the pockmarks on your path.


You should be here.


You should see

how all you feared came to pass


and you lived anyway.


How lessons took too long to be learnt

smarted with salt-rub on blistered skin

then washed in emulsion of sepia tints.


You should if you could…

but you wouldn’t and you won’t…

keep your eyes unfocused, looking beyond the prize,

capture all the slapdash details

which add up to a beautiful life.



Over at dVerse Poets Pub tonight, we are imagining receiving a letter or poem from our future self. What will we know/have learnt/be willing to share? What does the future look like?