May Reading Round-Up

A lot got read this past month, thanks to almost non-existent internet and inability to do my work, admin or writing properly. But not much got reviewed. I’m still optimistic I’ll get around to reviewing most of them, in bunches if necessary!

  1. Patricia Highsmith: The Two Faces of January
  2. Margot Kinberg: B Very Flat
  3. Elena Ferrante: Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay (transl. Ann Goldstein)
  4. Tim Weaver: What Remains
  5. Olja Savičević Ivančević: Adios, Cowboy (transl. Celia Hawkesworth) – to be reviewed on for Necessary Fiction
  6. Javier Marias: Your Face Tomorrow (transl. Margaret Jull Costa)
  7. Elif Shafak: Black Milk – On Motherhood and Writing (transl. Hande Zapsu)
  8. Frédéric Dard: Bird in a Cage (transl. David Bellos)
  9. Catherine Ryan Howard: Distress Signals
  10. Michael Grothaus: Epiphany Jones – to be reviewed for CFL
  11. Michael Stanley: Deadly Harvest – I love this series set in Botswana; no review, but I did a lovely interview with the author duo on CFL
  12. Elena Ferrante: The Story of the Lost Child (transl. Ann Goldstein)
  13. Elizabeth Smart: The Assumption of the Rogues and Rascals
  14. Peter May: The Fire Maker – to be reviewed for CFL
  15. Jo Nesbo: Blood on the Snow (transl. Neil Smith)
  16. Isabel Huggan: Belonging
  17. Olivier Norek: Code 93
  18. Augusto De Angelis: The Hotel of the Three Roses (transl. Jill Foulston)

9 translated or foreign language fiction, 9 by women writers, no BAME writers. (Although it’s interesting to think that Ferrante,  Ivančević, Elif Shafak, Catherine Ryan Howard, Augusto De Angelis and perhaps Javier Marias would all have been considered ‘the wrong kind of immigrants’ at some point in time –  but hopefully not again in the future.)