Friday Fun: Places to Meditate and Contemplate

I’m not really the action holiday type of person (unless visiting museums or wandering down cobbled medieval streets counts as action). Not for me wildwater rafting, bungee jumping or cycling, although I do enjoy hiking at a leisurely pace in the mountains (and skiing in winter). But nor do I enjoy beach holidays where you just roast in the sun. However, I could imagine spending weeks in each of the places below, reading my books. They have just the right amount of beauty and shade.

Water is always a restful feature to have in a garden – unless you have small children or curious pets.
Create a little oasis in your own house, as Patishandika in Arch Daily has done.
Courtyard of Loma House in Ecuador, designed by architect Quizhpe.
Another dreamy courtyard, designed by Khosla Associates.
The charm of the overgrown garden in East Sussex, from
But of course the best gardens for meditation are the Zen gardens of Japan, from
OK, maybe this beach in the shade. Finca Beach House from TripAdvisor.