Friday Fun: Chateau de Montigny

Last Friday there was news that some original Goya etchings had been found in a French chateau as they were going through their extensive library, probably conducting an audit for the first time in generations. (We all know how out of control our book buying habits can get, right?) What amused me most is that the report said the name of the chateau was Montigny. It is such a common place name in France that I can do a whole Friday Fun post with nothing but chateaux of that name. [Unless otherwise specified, all the pictures are from the websites of the chateau in question.]

Chateau de Montigny le Gannelon in the Eure-et-Loire department, which misled me into believing this was the place of the find… but no, there is another with the same name in the same department, because people are not very imaginative…
Chateau de Montigny sur l’Hallue near the Somme, from
Chateau de Montigny sur Aube in Burgundy, with magnificent orchards.
Chateau Montigny sur Avre, belonging to the Laval family, where the etchings were found at the back of a shelf, behind other books. Well, doesn’t everyone double or triple shelve their books?
Chateau de Montigny les Arsures looks like it might be the oldest one here. From Panoramio.
Chateau le Bretonneux in Montigny, in contrast, seems the newest.
A more modest proposal: Chateau de Montigny, la Fresnay sur Chedouet in Normandy.