Friday Fun: Piglets to Cuddle

It’s been such a busy week once more and perpetual exhaustion seems to be the general frame of mind for me. So no new reviews, not even a summary of the many films I’ve watched in the last fortnight. Merely my grandmother’s favourite animal to look at and cuddle. Initially, I was scared of the piglets, because they would follow me everywhere. Now, I’ve grown to love them, not just because they are cute (and surprisingly clean) but because they are also very intelligent and trainable, like dogs.

So small, that this bunny can mother him/her. From Magical Nature Tour website.
Bigger and wiser. From
How can you resist that little face? From Pinterest
Gambolling like a lamb in the field. From White Pine Healing Arts.
There’s always one looking the other way, isn’t there? From the Derbyshire Times.