Friday Fun: A Room of One’s Own

Although I am the least artistic person in the world, I think an artist’s studio would be a very inspiring place for a writer to work in. Here are some places which caught my eye in the past.

So much light

More achievable, everyday studio inspiration

If necessary, I’ll take these away by force!

Even when they are cluttered, there is something peaceful about studios

Last but not least, when art, interior design and poetic inspiration combine

Friday Fun: Atelier is another word for creative space

Everybody should have a space where they can be as creative as they wish, or messy, or crafty, or simply relaxed. Here are some ‘atelier’ spaces for many different types of creatives, proving that they don’t always have to be messy…

Jewellery makers at Atelier Messia, Paris.

The achingly trendy Swedish design studio, from

Modern and with everything in its place, from Pinterest.

Sometimes I feel like… somebody’s watching me! From

Lots of light here, perhaps too much in summer. From

Whimsical conservatory workshop, from

The dreamy space that belongs to Celestine Bouton.