Friday Fun: International Book Covers

It’s not just about cute animals and home interiors, you know. I am a very serious literary blog, I’ll have you know. So let me demonstrate just how highbrow I can be by dedicating a whole post to book covers. Here are some international editions of one of my favourite books, The Master and Margarita. No, it’s not just the preponderance of cats that I like about these book covers… How very dare you!?

Amazing Russian cover which encapsulates the book’s themes very well and has been turned into a T-shirt.
Classic scene from the book, Margarita with her bouquet of yellow flowers. Romanian edition.
The French cover has me in stitches: I mean, a ginger cat? Who had that idea?
No, no, no, Italian publisher, what were you thinking? This is NOT a children’s book!
Italy redeeming itself here with a cover that captures that Russian feel…
Another Romanian cover with a nice sense of menace and minimalist colour scheme.
You can see that this book was extremely popular in Romania: this is the third cover, another recent one.
A sinister and gloomy cover from the UK.
By way of contrast, this modernist interpretation of the cover.
Highly stylized and stylish, another contemporary UK cover.
Created as a playbill rather than a book cover, I think this would work well for both. From France.
A 50th anniversary edition from Penguin – a work of art. But it’s translated by Pevear and Volokhonsky, who are not always my favourites.