Friday Fun: Writing Retreats

I may be out and about hobnobbing with the crime writing community at Bloody Scotland this weekend, but it’s that time of year when I start to think about retiring to a cabin in the woods (or mountains or on the coast, I’m not fussy) and writing non-stop until spring. Easy enough to do with these gorgeous places!

Even better if it’s in a tropical climate, so you don’t need to worry about the heating. From Pinterest.
But there is something so irresistibly romantic about a snow-covered cabin, from

This cabin in Tennessee looks suitable for year-round living, from
You can rent these holiday cabins in Pennsylvania, from
This one straddles a waterfall – wildly adventurous, but it would make me want to pee all the time! From

If you don’t like the idea of living in remote places, you can always build a cabin in your backyard – if it’s big enough. From Country Living.
This actually is a writer’s cabin, belonging to Canadian writer Ann Voskamp (from her blog)
This one in Alabama is less cabin, more like a miniature Versailles, from
Who needs to get away from home when your back garden has such an amazing view and shed (although I may not want to open the bar until I finish writing). From

Friday Fun: More Tiny Escapes

If you don’t have a garden or a big enough one for a shed, then these little chalets, huts, houses might tempt you – most of them are open to paying overnight guests.

Isn’t this a fairytale little forest hut? I might even look after the flowers for a week or two. From
A frame huts are the world’s easiest design, yet look stunning, from
If you hanker more after the beach rather than the forest, this Caribbean beach hut might be just the thing for you. Le Pirate Beach Club.
Sadly, the appeal of the British shepherd’s hut has been tainted by David Cameron’s association with it, but you can see why I originally loved the idea of it. From Fabulous Fleece Company.
Especially when you see how luxurious some of them are on the inside. From Stylist Magazine.
I can only imagine what my great-grandfather or my great-uncle would have made of such luxuries, from
The ones they lived in during the summer, when they took the sheep up the mountains, were more like this.

Friday Fun: Industrial Look Can Be Beautiful

When I was investigating tiny houses, I came across shipping container homes, which I thought sounded dreadful, but which in fact can be transformed into highly imaginative and attractive residences. So here are some shipping container and other industrial-look homes (and all still quite small).

Perfect little abode in the forest,
A guesthouse from shipping containers to add to your pile of old stones, from Studio Architecture Rennes.
Utterly dreamy black pavillion, although I can imagine it might become a bit too hot in summer. from
Danish summer house, from
Writer’s retreat at False Bay, Washington State, designed by Olson Kundig. From Small House Bliss.
And when you leave, you can just close up your cabin like a box – isn’t that perfect? Same credits as above.

Friday Fun: More Living in Miniature

The temptation to live off-grid somewhere in a tiny (but well-insulated) house is becoming well-nigh overwhelming. No, this is not a comment on current politics or fears; this is a worry-free, escapist zone.

Small but mighty, this creation by BF Architects.
Palatial ambitions for this little house, from Buzzfeed.
Very different style, a beach hut feel to this one, from Instagram.
This one is actually a miniature model, but I can’t wait for someone to build me one to my human proportions. From
I may claim to be a simple girl at heart, but I rather like the more grandiose structures! From
If in doubt, stick to a well-appointed garden shed – and what a garden! From
For the ultimate fantasy escape, this fairytale lodge from

Friday Fun: You Don’t Need a Palace…

I’ve often said I don’t need much more than a little cabin or hut to house myself once the boys leave home. Although I might need another cabin or two just to house the books…

All you need in one small parcel, from
A rather classy, high-end vision of the cabin, with amazing windows. From
It clearly doesn’t work for a couple (actually, for a single person with an occasional guest), but everything is neat and has its place. From
An old barn feel to this tiny, but practical cabin – it even has a fire extinguisher! From
Finally one that satisfies my book cravings… from

Friday Fun: The Small and the Cosy

When I’m not dreaming of chateaux or grandiose villas with libraries and terraces, I have a hankering for charming little cottages surrounded by flowers in bloom and verdant luxury. I’m not sure who’s supposed to do the gardening… although I can certainly admire the flowers and even dedicate a poem to them.

Rural French retreat, complete with its own bridge and stream, from mountainmausgarden.tumblr
English (Welsh?) cottage made all the more eccentric by the slope just outside, from Pinterest
The quintessential English Rose with thatched roof and white gate, from
Hobbity like cottage on the island of Sylt in Germany, from
Reminiscent of a shed or a teahouse, from
Traditional Romanian cottage, from
Authentic traditional house from the Gorj region in Romania, dating from 1802. From Muzeul Satului.

Friday Fun: Garden Sheds

The cold may have descended over our part of France. But with all the beautiful autumnal colours to inspire you, what better place to spend your day than in your very own garden shed, far away from the hubble-bubble of life in the main house? (No, I don’t have one. Yes, I would like one. With heating, preferably.)

The Rolls Royce of garden sheds, from
The Rolls Royce of garden sheds, from

The achingly cool. Serge Schoemaker Architects.
The achingly cool. Serge Schoemaker Architects.

The Hyggelig (Danish for 'cosy'), from
The Hyggelig (Danish for ‘cosy’), from

The Ecological Pod. From
The Ecological Pod. From

The unbearably cute, from
The unbearably cute, from

The spiritual retreat. From
The spiritual retreat. From

The Californian extravaganza, from Architectural Digest.
The Californian extravaganza, from Architectural Digest.

Friday Fun: Tiny Escapes in Remote Locations

Chateaux and the like are all very well, but where do beleaguered artists go when they need to focus on their writing/art/belly button? As far away from the temptations of civilisation and the Internet as possible, of course.

Faroe Islands, from
Faroe Islands, from

Double loft rock house in US, from
Double loft rock house in US, from

Iceland, from
Iceland, from

Tiny lake house, from
Tiny lake house, from

Small and precariously perched in Serbia, from
Small and precariously perched in Serbia, from

Apuseni mountains, Romania, from
Apuseni mountains, Romania, from

Any of the above catch your fancy?