Friday Fun: Sit on the Porch and Read

And why wouldn’t you, with porches like these?

Apparently, they sit on the porch a lot in Alabama, from Country Living.
Another Southern beauty, from
More of a floating mooring deck than a porch, but aren’t the surroundings just divine? From
A classical feel to this completely closed off extra room porch, from
OK, I admit this Ontario porch is more of a veranda, from House Beautiful.
More of a conservatory than a porch, but whose conservatory has ever looked like this? From
For those with smaller budgets, a little scandibloglovin.

Friday Fun: Farewell to the Summer Lifestyle

This past week I’ve had to dig out our duvets once more, but let’s pretend that we can live outside forever in the Northern hemisphere. Maybe, in a few years, we will, courtesy of climate change… Additional bonus this time: accents in my favourite colour, turquoise-blue.

I’ll just read here by the pool and watch you swim, darling… From Architectural Digest Magazine Germany.


This modest little veranda and open house in St. Barts from Gaia Health Blog.

Veranda in Provence – it’s all about the dining. From Plus Google.

Spanish version of the veranda, in Planete Deco.

Bring all your friends to this one! From Pinterest.

Just sail away and return to this veranda from Coup de Pouce.

You don’t need the sea to be happy on your veranda, although a pet helps. From


Friday Fun: Memories of Summer

It may be glum November weather, everyone’s least favourite time of year, but here are some verandas and terraces to remind you of summers past and that it will come again.

Adorable little veranda overlooking the river – the perfect weekend cottage. From

Connecting bridge between the two wings of your house. From Veranda Magazine.

The veranda as an extension of your living room in Portugal, from Architectural Digest.

Why can’t a treehouse have a veranda? From

Idyllic floating veranda, although the mosquitoes might come to visit. From Country Living.

For the ambitious with endless pockets, from Instagram.