Friday Fun: Villas for an Indian Summer

This week has been surprisingly warm, which has given me hope for my my annual holidays coming up very soon. Although I’m not really expecting an Indian summer, these posts are all about dreams, aren’t they? These are the villas I might consider to share my dreams with me.

Villa in Provence from

Have lunch with friends (perhaps warmly wrapped up) in Italy, from
Hiding between trees is always a good look, from
Undeniably easy to maintain courtyard, but a bit more green would have been nice in this Italian-type villa in the US, from
Spanish villa – I could almost see it as a backdrop to a musical. From Pinterest.
This French villa is actually for sale if you fancy running your own B&B, from

Friday Fun: My Little French Maison

Soon to become even more aspirational and unattainable to Brits, these French houses make me dream.

I would happily get the dog as well. From Immo France.
Perfect veranda for a dinner with friends and a read, from
Art nouveau style villa, from Pinterest.
Villa for sale in beautiful location: Bay of Arcachon, near Bordeaux. See Cabinet Bedin for details.
Typical Southern style French home, from Cote Littoral.
Northern style home from the Alsace-Lorraine, from Cote Maison.
What a garden! From Journal de la Maison.
Another beautiful French house – I love the symmetry and the shutters. I am fed up with inadequate curtains, even those so-called blackout curtains are not enough! House in Quimper.

Friday Fun: Villa, Villa, Villa

No, not Aston Villa (the only thing I know about that football club is that the first boy I ever went out on a date with was an Aston Villa supporter, and I imagined they played somewhere in front of a white plantation house with a portico – perhaps I was confusing it with cricket!). It’s villas that could be dreams for some and nightmares for others, the future for some and the death of architecture for others. Controversial ones, in other words!

Futuristic villa in Rhodes, from
And they do have an outhouse for the books! From
Flights of Birds villa in Portugal, from Home Design Lover.
Highly exposed design again, from Zachary Horne architects. Luckily, the owners have a dog to warn them.
Sci fi style desert house in California, from Weburbanist
Another Spaceship inspired house, this time in Denver, from Weburbanist.
The blend of greenery and view make the Today House in Hiroshima, designed by Kimihiko Okada (a woman architect) rather special. From Inhabitat,
Rolling holiday homes in Lithuania, from Do Architects.



Friday Fun: When Money Is No Object…

Of course, if money were no object for me (and you, dear readers), I suspect we would just have simple but cosy living quarters above a huge and famous library. However, most wealthy people in the world seem to prefer the flashily obvious displays of wealth. So this is what money can buy you… And I have to admit some of them are not too shabby! (All pictures taken from the glorious Home Adore website).

So now you understand why they want their tax cuts…

Fairview residence at night, designed by Leslie Minervini.
Terrace of the same Fairview Residence – Bellevue, right?
Banyan Tree Residence designed by Choeff Levy Fischman. Multiple pools and lakeside mooring.
More modest house designed by Mercurio Design Lab, but it’s only for the weekend…
Front of the Mercurio house is surprisingly low key.
And if you want your private ski cabin, this one by Skli will do it for me.



Friday Fun: Architectural Experiments

These modern villas are often an architect’s wet dream, although I am never sure how comfortable they are for the people who have to live there. However, there is no denying that they have the WOW factor!

Californian glass house, from
Villa on the beach, in
Incredibly romantic outdoor space at this villa, from Home Designing.
Unable to identify the location of this excessive villa, from Ecstasy Models on Tumblr.
Swiss villa with integrated pool, from
Giant conservatory in this villa, from South Shore Decorating Blog.
Treehouse-like villa but on a grander scale, from
House on stilts, from Adorable Home on Tumblr.

Friday Fun: Houses with a Quirky Touch

It’s all very well to buy traditional cottages or restore abandoned mansions, but what about these mainly newly-built houses with an extra touch of quirkiness?

Barn in Pennsylvania, from
How’s this for a swimming pool? From
Straight out of a Grimm fairytale, not surprising since it’s located in Germany. From
The blueness of this terrace just dazzles me, from Revista Living.
Hideaway cottage in Lake George, from Pinterest.
Updated farmhouse, by Truexcullings Architecture.

Friday Fun: Italian Villas on the Lakes

Northern Italy may not always have the best weather, but the region of the lakes surrounded by mountains has always been popular with the wealthy Milanese and the rich from other European countries as well. Nowadays it seems to be THE spot for weddings and honeymoons. I’m trying to prolong the summer and keep the tone light with some of my favourite villas on Lake Como. However, my thoughts are with my friend Ilaria living in Livorno in Tuscany, where they’ve had severe flooding this past week.

Villa on Lake Como from travelocafe.
Villa on Lake Como where Verdi was a guest, from Lombardia Beni Culturali.
Villa Maria and its magnificent greenhouse fell into ruin at some point, photo by Friedhelm Thomas.
It has now been restored to its former beauty, photo Nicola Guarisco.
The gardens of Villa d’Este, from
Villa Melzi, from
Villa Sola Cabiatia from