Friday Fun: More Inspirational Workspaces

I’m not naturally a messy person. I am convinced of that. I simply do not have enough clever storage solutions. That must be the reason why I gravitate naturally towards the workspaces of architects, designers and artists. Most of them seem to be supremely tidy (at least when they have their studio photographed) and have plenty of pigeonholes, drawers and other means of tidying things away.

We’ll start off with something simple to warm up, a living room adapted for creativity, from Ina Referencias.
Isn’t that a fantastic creative island – I don’t want an island in the kitchen, I want one for writing, brainstorming, editing and everything else. From
This feels so calm and peaceful, with the colour coordination. From In Her Studio,
Desks large enough to accommodate computers, tea-trays, books and doodling are a must. From
The home study of the legendary Finnish designer Eero Aarnio from
And when you get tired of all that work, this cosy small house seems to have a little bit of everything you might need to be happy. From Instagram of Jody Nonnemacher.

Friday Fun: Prepare Your Workspace

Two months of throat clearing and finger flexing. It’s now time to write! Oh, but first let me find or create the perfect workspace…

Everything in its perfect whimsical place, from
A more comfortable chair might be called for, but this white calming space could bring forth wonders. From
More for crafts and artistic endeavours, but I could live with this tidiness. From Charity Hofert on Flickr.
There is a bit of a nostalgic flavour to my post today, isn’t there? More old-fashioned office from Elizabeth Broderick on Instagram.
Another Instagram beauty, complete with cat.
Finally one that acknowledges our computers, although not necessarily our sensitive backsides, from

Friday Fun: Atelier is another word for creative space

Everybody should have a space where they can be as creative as they wish, or messy, or crafty, or simply relaxed. Here are some ‘atelier’ spaces for many different types of creatives, proving that they don’t always have to be messy…

Jewellery makers at Atelier Messia, Paris.

The achingly trendy Swedish design studio, from

Modern and with everything in its place, from Pinterest.

Sometimes I feel like… somebody’s watching me! From

Lots of light here, perhaps too much in summer. From

Whimsical conservatory workshop, from

The dreamy space that belongs to Celestine Bouton.

Friday Fun: Writing in Your Bedroom

I believe in separating your working and sleeping space, but I’ve heard of plenty of writers and readers who feel at their most comfortable (or most inspired) in their bedrooms. And what about if you have no other space for writing? So here are some elegant solutions to this quandary. Which don’t involve lying propped up on cushions in bed (although that is perfect for reading).

The elegant townie, from

The occasional scribbler, from The Design Chaser.

The teenage artist, from You Tube.

The one designed by the interior designer, from Gravity Home.

The one designed by your mother, from Decoist.

The professional writer (or the writer on holiday), from Architecture Art Designs.