Cinquain: No Limits

Over at the dVerse Poets Pub, we are being encouraged to try out a different short verse form called cinquain.  Here is my rushed attempt, but there are some far, far better ones out there, so be sure to visit there and have fun reading them!

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No Limits


She dreamt

of fortune, fame,

freedom to beget worlds.

Beating head against glass ceiling,

she wrote.


25 thoughts on “Cinquain: No Limits”

  1. Oh, Marina Sofia, I know all about that glass ceiling and those dreams. What I love about writing is that it allows you to explore your dreams…

  2. ugh…beating the head against the glass ceiling…painful to be separated from those dreams…seeing them already but not yet there..

  3. Glass ceilings – very real. Can be frustrating. Something let us not limit our daughters with. If they do not believe in it, perhaps it won’t exist for them.

    Like fairies.

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