Open Link Night: One Word Epitaph

It’s the end of the month and Open Link Night over at dVerse Poets Pub. Join us for fun, laughter and good vibes – as well as plenty of poetry from all around the globe.


One Word Epitaph

gravestoneBorn here, grew up there. Moved a lot, not sure where home is.

Done with town life, biz junk. Had my phase of punk.

First man too mean, next too green, third took the cream.

Tribes ran off, so did my book.

Got left on hook, no laugh, no shame.

All I want: my sons, my pen and friends.

A book to read in fruit tree.

Sweet cat on my lap.

Good meal with friends.

Stiff drink at end of day.

Walks on hills, rolls in hay.

Snow and skis, come what may.

36 thoughts on “Open Link Night: One Word Epitaph”

  1. Sometimes at a certain point one does look back reflectively at life. What might have been important at one time no longer may be. Eventually perhaps we all become philosophical, or must to survive….and think ‘come what may,’ definitely a good attitude to have!

  2. this has a fun rhythm to it…and the title, i like…
    heh i had a punk phase too…i was supposed to go see a punk band thursday night but did not….pens and friends i will take…

    1. I should have said -one-syllable rather than one-word, as I was aiming to use exclusively single syllable words. That should explain the jaunty rhythm. I can imagine you in a punk phase… I suppose I was more of a Goth, but it didn’t quite have the same ring to it!

  3. a book to read in a fruit tree….that sounds right up my alley… it’s good to get to the point where we know what we want and what we really need…

  4. I love the way you’ve captured your life so well, Marina Sofia! You say so much with just a few words. Each resonates.

  5. These epitaphs evolve, to be sure, as we walk longer on this earth … some resolution in them, accepting what happened, deciding what then is most important. Living on simplifies the list, I think.

  6. PENS & FRIENDS should be emblazoned on sweatshirts sold by dVerse! I really liked this piece, G, a very imaginative poetic form; maybe one that you can add to our MTB sessions; Epitaph Etomes or some such handle.

  7. We do hone it all down to what’s really important as we age, don’t we? Hopefully while we still have time to enjoy what we’ve learned.

  8. “All I want: my sons, my pen and friends.

    A book to read in fruit tree.

    Sweet cat on my lap.

    Good meal with friends.”

    These things sound about perfect to me, although I have but one son (two cats though!) A lovely write.

    1. I should have called it ‘one syllable epitaph’ I realise belatedly, as i was aiming to use just words of one syllable throughout. Something which can be done in English, not so much in French, Romanian and other Romance languages…

  9. ‘Born here, grew up there. Moved a lot, not sure where home is.’ Oh, God! I can relate already, and I can see through the haze of unlived times… That was beautifully penned, MarinaSofia.

  10. Come what may in rolls and hills of life.. and to take it all this way of making life now.. is now in life.. as life is now.. more fully alive when embracing it all.. with and food of love to share..:)

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