5 Things to Laugh About 5th August

Here’s my occasional self-booster post, to remind me that life can be fun as well as educational.

  1. Catching up on box sets. I never have the time or patience to watch a full series, but I did the impossible these past couple of weeks and watched a few. Chernobyl with the boys: we were all fascinated, if somewhat shaken. Great attention to detail to give you the flavour of living in Soviet Russia in the mid 1980s, but no, people did not address each other as comrade the whole time, except in very official circumstances or in political meetings. The Patrick Melrose series (by myself, I hasten to add), which made me reconsider reading the novels (I’d read the third one but without the context of the others, I was not enthralled), although there’s only so much I can take of a destructive personality. Just started watching Fosse/Verdon as well on BBC2, which promises to be rather heartbreaking though glamorous.
LOS ANGELES – JUNE 5: The Garry Moore Show, a CBS television comedy variety show. Pictured are guests, Bob Fosse and Gwen Verdon. Episode originally broadcast June 5, 1962. (Photo by CBS via Getty Images)

Ok, so my choice of subject matter is not the most cheerful, but it’s just nice to be able to follow a story arc from end to end without interruptions.

2. Going to the theatre, of course. My other great passion, beside reading, is seeing words come to live on the stage, as in the production of Europe at the Donmar Warehouse. This is a really moving play about displacement, refugees and the rise of intolerance and Fortress Europe by David Greig. Written in 1994 and clearly inspired by the war in former Yugoslavia, it is once more extremely topical. Two moments in particular had me in tears: 1) when the refugee father says his daughter blames him for not leaving earlier, but ‘you can’t just leave the country to the wolves’; 2) the feeling of suffocation in this small town without any jobs, without any trains, without a future, and the desperate desire to feel part of Europe. I’ve experienced both of those feelings, and still occasionally feel a traitor for leaving my country when it needed me most… until I remember that it decided it didn’t need me. Despite the tears, it was a riveting performance and I’m really glad I saw it. A powerful start for the new artistic director at the Donmar.

Production picture, photo credit Marc Brenner.

On a more cheery note, I also attended an off-stage performance, in an industrial estate beside woodland, with the really fun immersive experience of The Tempest.

3. Hosting a writing retreat at my house

The founder of our writing group severely said to me, as she entered the house and I was showing everyone where the coffee, tea, food was: ‘I hope you are not going to use your duties as a host to excuse your lack of writing.’ Touché! But I didn’t, and managed to edit all of the poems that I’d received feedback on, as well as select (and slightly edit) a new batch to send. Also, it was lovely catching up with what other people were working on. Last but not least, I was most impressed with one of our members, who had rescued and fostered a kitten this weekend. Someone had dumped the sweet little thing out of a car near his workplace, he caught her, looked after her and managed to find an adopted mother for her all within less than 72 hours. Bravo!

4. Older son. While he is on holiday in Greece, we’ve been chatting nearly every day. He’s taken a ton of books with him, has even done some homework (in preparation for the start of his Maths A Level course). I’ve tried to talk to the younger son too, you mustn’t think I neglect him, but he is usually playing computer games and doesn’t want to be disturbed. But what made me really proud of the older son is that he called me last night indignantly and told me that his brother hadn’t brushed his teeth in four days. Normally, I don’t like tattle-tales, but the next bit of his rant amused and reassured me (at least about him, not about his brother): ‘When you’re young, you do things because your parents tell you to, but at this age, it’s high time you realised yourself how important it is for you to be doing certain things. That it’s for your own good, not to shut up Mama’s nagging, that you do it.’

5. Japanese neighbour. A former neighbour, whom I had befriended back in 2009-2011 during my interlude in the UK between our two stays in France, rang my doorbell unexpectedly yesterday. She had returned to Japan with her family while I was away in France but was over for a short visit, revisiting some of her favourite English places, and wanted to see what had happened to her neighbours. It was so nice to see her again and to tell her about our plans to visit Japan in two year’s time! I hate losing touch with people and am always grateful when I can meet up with them again.

14 thoughts on “5 Things to Laugh About 5th August”

  1. You have had some good things happen to you lately, Marina Sofia, and that’s great! I’m so happy that you got the chance to do some writing, and to go to the theatre. And I had to laugh at your son’s comment. They do amaze us when they start really acting grown-up, don’t they?

    1. I got a free 7 day trial to Now TV especially to watch Chernobyl – but then they charged me for a month anyway, so that’s why I watched Patrick Melrose too. (And I might watch a couple more before I cancel).

  2. Hahaha! Now you know that once your kids start talking to you like equals it’s the last step before they start treating you like their child, don’t you… 😉

  3. Lovely post Marina Sofia! I might make a similar list for myself tonight. It’s good to try and balance all the tough stuff with reminders that it’s not all there is!

  4. How nice to find your Japanese neighbour on the doorstep 🙂 And your elder son is a dream – which is horribly condescending of me and I withdraw it immediately 😉 You’ve noted plenty of good things here, Marina; I hope they are helping to maintain a degree of balance in turbluent times. (I have Fosse lined up, thank you for the reminder.)

    1. Not sure about the dream boy bit: today I found out (from younger brother) that older son’s phone is no longer working because he went into the sea with it tucked in his swimming trunks !!! Very mature!

  5. Well, you know it takes a lot of going back and forth between maturing and still hanging on to younger behavior to become an adult. It is a process as I recall. I think young women mature more quickly. Sometimes even when guys are adults, the dirty socks still end up on the kitchen and table and every pot and utensil is used to cook a meal. A TV meteorologist complained that she had rolled up her spouse’s T-shirts very neatly and put them in his drawer. Then a few days later, she looked into it and saw his T-shirts all balled up in a pile. So she gave up.
    You sound like you have had a lot of fun, despite problems. Hope the rest of the summer goes well.

  6. What a charming place your blog is – reflecting a charmed life by the sound of it. Books and theatre. Yes, yes and more YES!

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