Making Up for a Lost Crime Festival #QDP2020

The Quais du Polar in Lyon was the highlight of my year back when I was living in France (and even afterwards). However, everything is different this year and of course it been cancelled, as have so many other excellent literary festivals. So Emma and I, who spent many a pleasant moment there together, have decided to post a crime fiction review on each day when the festival would have taken place – the 3rd, 4th and 5th of April 2020.

We aim to include either books by authors who would have been present at the current edition of the festival or else books that we bought – and got signed – at that festival (you may remember I splurged quite a lot back in those days).

It would be lovely if you decided to join us reading and reviewing crime fiction books by authors with links to Quais du Polar on those days. A virtual celebration of the wonderful city of Lyon, its rich cultural and gastronomic heritage. You can find a full list of authors (in English) who’ve attended the festival in the past on this page. And you can even listen to recordings of panels from previous years.

27 thoughts on “Making Up for a Lost Crime Festival #QDP2020”

  1. What a lovely idea! I’ll have to check out the authors and see what’s there. Even if I’m not able to contribute, I’m really looking forward to what you share!

  2. Look forward to reading your posts. Amazing the amount you can read, given your schedule. And Barney looks like a cute cat. And Zoe is behaving normally for an older cat when a young whippersnapper is introduced into her house. Cats are territorial.

    1. Hello, Kathy – well, my reading has gone right down. No commuting time to read, exhausted in the evening, and extremely busy with work issues (as everyone transitions to remote working – I have to prepare and train and coach them through this). Plus all the anxiety and far too much scrolling on the phone to see the latest news. So who knows whether I’ll get to read this by next week. It’s taking me 3-4-5 days to read a book now, it used to be 1-2 days.

    1. That would be great: there are plenty of authors (like David Vann, Lauren Beukes etc.) who are not crime writers who have been invited to this festival in the past, so I am sure you can find something you like.

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