Election Day (Poem)

Woke up this morning with this poem almost perfectly clear in my head – including the title. Clearly, the UK elections are getting to me… and my optimism is at an all-time low.

Outside a Polling Station sign, London. General Election day May 6th 2010.

Liar liar

don’t you see

your words rain blows

but mean aught to me.


I duck

I dive

through your filthy mind

thrashing legs, crawl to stay alive



and profess…

to others your story might still

turn inside out and confess.


But every drivel

you let slip out

lacks movement, light and substance,

there’s only shadow in your clout.

I’m linking this to Open Link Night over at dVerse Poets Pub. Come and see what our poets are up to when there are no constraints on their imagination!

41 thoughts on “Election Day (Poem)”

    1. I wish I could be more positive, but with the UK’s system of marginal seats and first past the post, it often feels like my vote doesn’t count for much…

  1. Your words ring more true for this election than any I can remember. Today has been a nice respite from electioneering – tomorrow the horse-trading will commence. Meanwhile, for me the only way to vote was tactically.

    1. This tactical voting is the bane of my life, but yes, in our area too we have to go for that (by the way, we’re not currently resident in the UK, so we have to vote by post or by proxy). The next few days will be such a circus, won’t they?

      1. Indeed they will. The speculation has been endless, and fruitless: we won’t know the negotiating parties and what they have to negotiate with until tomorrow. But that hasn’t stopped the media. Fingers crossed!

  2. Oh this sums it up nicely Marina… Such simple words but so powerful! Love the use of drivel & clout 🙂

    I’m thinking it would be a lovely time to be out the country – on a nice island TV & WIFI free!

  3. This is wonderful Marina – we don’t get a vote at all here in Jersey although of course what happens in the UK has consequences here… It makes the endless electioneering seem even more tedious.

      1. No we have our own government here – each of the twelve parishes get at least one Senator that stands in the ‘States’ We are part of the union but not part of the United Kingdom!

  4. A full year until our next Presidential election, & already we have a field of 20 Republicans who have declared their intentions to run; billions of lobbyist, & 1%ers bucks already flooding into ersatz campaigns. Jeb Bush seems on shaky ground, but the race is long. Your final line is killer-brilliant.

  5. Ha, there are some candidates in this country that could be written about this way. I wonder sometimes if politics was always as ‘shady’ as it seems to be today or if we just hear about it more now. There is indeed SO much ‘drivel’ to sift through before making a decision.

    1. There is certainly more ‘judgement by the media’, so perhaps we do hear more about politicians and their less than stellar convictions.

    1. Sorry about that, Linda. Just had a very surprising result in the UK – I seem to have almost predicted it with my dispirited poem. Sadly.

  6. Well expressed! Manifestos, pledges, whatever, are all damned lies and more lies. It seems almost all politicians become corrupt once in power…
    Anna :o[

  7. Before I got to the tale end of yr comments I was going to say exactly the same as Abhra – Great!

  8. I admire the ending lines too ~ How quickly we get disillusioned with politicians with empty and broken promises ~

  9. Elections are often disappointing. I had hoped for some change but was disappointed too. Can lies in the disguise of promises ever bring good things?

  10. “to others your story might still
    turn inside out and confess.” Loved that line.
    Although we come from different places, I can relate to your frustration in regard to politics. It seems like it’s a war of words, not action.

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