The snakes are writhing, they thrill

to the sound of you calling out ‘darling’

and ‘baby’, words you no longer mean.

They sluice the bogwater flooding

the ditch between us. They glide

on silted escape routes. By mid-morning

they made their way across

the path and slimed our wall: a slash

of colour on our grey, a purple bruise

of Botoxed lip. Our bodies oozing

slush, I step into the naked squelch

of their needs. Salt the wounds.

The quiet assassination.

The bystanders of our rot.

Veronicelloidea is a superfamily of air-breathing land slugs. Salt kills slugs by dehydrating them rapidly.

I am linking this up to my favourite poetry site dVerse Poets Pub, which is back with renewed va-va-voom after the summer break. Can you believe it’s the 200th edition of their Open Link Night?

13 thoughts on “Veronicelloidea”

  1. Yikes–the opening line set the tone for this. Dang little slugs that eat my hostas. My meek little mother used to make rounds with the salt to wipe out the poor creatures. So out of character for her.

  2. The opening tone was creepy, scary. Without knowing what the fancy title means, I was thinking of a relationship that ended nastily. I don’t say I was relieved to see the photos of the slugs at the bottom of the post – I get goosebumps by just imagining their slime. Ewe!

    Very well written, Marina. 🙂

  3. When you mentioned snakes I didn’t know what to think! Then I knew you were talking about slugs…those slimy buggers that like to eat our lovely plants and leave trails of goo after themselves. Yuck! Long ago, I was guilty of salting them myself but I don’t think I could do it today as much as I dislike them.

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