Friday Fun: Studios and Studies

This summer, I’ve promised myself, I will get to finish the second draft of my novel. The outcome would, of course, be guaranteed if I had one of the creative spaces below at my disposal. If any wealthy patron of the arts is listening…

The Duke of Devonshire asleep in his library at Chatsworth, picture credit Christopher Simon.
Studio in Devon, from The Telegraph.
Studio in rural United States, from Lonny Magazine.
Little dream cottage on the Isle of Wight, from House of Turquoise.
Light-filled study – there might be a problem with glare on a computer screen though – designed by Michael Haverland.
Japanese study and library, from Flavorwire. No problem with screen glare here. Plus, room to make endless cups of tea.
Study in a porch, from New England Home. The decorative plates might hinder my writing prowess somewhat…


27 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Studios and Studies”

  1. The Devon one for me please! Although I’d put a sofa in there, and then I’d probably follow the Duke of Devonshire’s lead, which is why I am so unproductive 😉

  2. Oh, these are all so lovely, Marina Sofia! So gorgeous! I especially like the Japanese study and library. Lots of airy space, but you can also concentrate on work. And there are the books…

  3. Ah, Marina Sofia, what a dream that would be! These are beautiful…I hope some patron of the arts is listening to you!

    1. Thank you, I hope so too! And for you! I will be going on a writing retreat in Wales at the end of August. Although that will be dedicated to poetry, it should still be a fantastic escape from all the hassle of the everyday.

  4. Devon, Isle of Wight, New England; Devon, Isle of Wight, New England – round and round I go, failing to decide……….perhaps, the provision of maple syrup pancakes could tip the balance. Hmm, I might be persuaded to let Devon go – Isle of Wight and New England have all that rampant greenery, and I do love rampant greenery. Okay, that’s decided then. I think I can allow myself TWO, and hope that is not seen as greedy. That is TWO locations, you understand, not TWO maple syrup pancakes, which would be remarkably mean!

    1. Who can stop at two pancakes? Sadly, I had to stop at two home-made waffles today… And yes, I agree, some greenery to lose oneself in while contemplating on how best to continue one’s masterpiece…

    1. I like to face a window too, and have a window facing mine kind of sideways, only a small turn of the head needed (although many writers apparently swear by a blank wall).

  5. Best of luck with that second draft – I hope it goes well. As for the studios, the little cottage on the Isle of Wight would suit me – it has that lovely naturalistic look.

  6. Isle of Wight for me with second choice New England but with less glare. I’m imagining right now where I can add some turquoise.

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