Start As You Mean to Go On: With Poetry

Didn’t I promise that I would write more poetry this year, whether it gets published or not? Here is a wonderful warming up exercise – participating in the Quadrille challenge over at dVerse Poets Pub. A Quadrille is a poem or flash of precisely 44 words and this time it has to include the word ‘leap’, as we bound unfettered into the New Year.


Each year I fall-
blunder blind through cold
air vents, no second
sight, no wasteful bite.

Each year the marvels glimpsed on the way down
string peacock feathers and black pearls around my skull,
unexpected bonus, befriending hearts given
too often short shrift.

So, each year I leap.

Photo by Kekai AhSam on Unsplash.

21 thoughts on “Start As You Mean to Go On: With Poetry”

  1. I do love a strict poetry format challenge … and love that you are sticking to your poetry promises; this packs a punch, topical yet with its own uniqueness – do love the use of peacock feathers & black pearls💙🖤💙🖤

  2. Such a lovely reflection on taking a risk, Marina Sofia. And I think it’s a perfect choice for the beginning of the year. Oh, and I agree about the peacock feathers and black pearls…

  3. Oh my goodness…peacock feathers and black pearls…so each year I leap. That is all we as poets can do – leap into the unknown. No hesitant peaking for us!

  4. I like the two pairs of alliterations symmetrically sandwiched by the opening and closing lines, like an audible two-legged jump off the cliff and the subsequent plunge into the unknown. Have a great 2018!

  5. Really nice Marina! I too want to both read poetry more attentively and write it. I’ve followed the blog you linked to. Thanks so much and happy writing!

  6. There are marvelous finds on the way to taking that leap Marina ~ Wishing you a fruitful and productive year of reading and writing for 2018! Cheers !

  7. Oh how I love “blunder blind”…sums up so much of my life…haha
    A wonderful read. The leap felt so ceremonial with it’s feathers and pearls.

  8. Such a hope-filled moment captured, Marina. I also, like mentioned above, love the poetic form you’ve used for your poem. Beautifully and skillfully written. I look forward to reading more of your work this year. I intend to be more intentional in reading my favourite blogs!

  9. I am always so happy to see you here–I like that image of the blunder blind falling, supplanted by the very deliberate leap. We are both hoping to write more poetry this year–let it be. Happy New Year.

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