If This Be Nostalgia, I Am Guilty

I want to be once more on the land
when April brings a frosty surprise,
where even August can powder with snow.
September smiles indolent and clement, umbrellas are pointless.
Lime trees put on a show as they fall in our hair,
as we hide in their tunnels, as we skip class at school.
I want indigestion with memories both false and true.
I want clothes for all seasons,
and not just babies with fuzz-ripened skin.
Sharp-clawed darkness, the wolves howling from forests
that linger primordial near clean-ploughed fields.
I want you and I to be younger,
not necessarily a happy end.

I am linking this to Open Link Night at the dVerse Poets Pub, where the living is easy, the drinks are plentiful and the poetry is magnificent!

14 thoughts on “If This Be Nostalgia, I Am Guilty”

  1. Full of surprises, like “indigestion of…” and fuzz on babies. Nice original combinations that surprise and make thoughtful. Looks as if you’d put some time into the comp of it. Very nice.

  2. This really captures the feeling of nostalgia, Marina Sofia. And it’s interesting how we feel nostalgic at t he oddest moments. Well, I do, anyway…

  3. i like the lime trees and skipping class, it changes the air of the poem which is concise and nostalgic…so many good writers to watch for me just starting again..cool

  4. to wish for the energy, the optimism, the wonders and wanderings in taste and some haste of youth –

    your closure is particularly powerful – adds a realistic bite that anchors the entire piece – but if we’re going to dream, why not a happy ending or three?

  5. I am seriously in love with your words especially; “I want indigestion with memories both false and true”… so evocative!💖

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