The Ice Queen Goes to the Basement

My playing around with flash fiction continues. Here is another rough draft that I wrote at the Flash Fiction Festival. Other people were churning out very polished, very accomplished pieces of work but mine needs lot of editing.

The Ice Queen was still quite tall and stately, although descriptions such as portly also might come to mind. She continued to sweep her train majestically through corridors and long ballrooms, although the hems were collecting more and more dust. And, of course, she was still the world’s undisputed champion at standing still, perfectly poised in front of the piano. She leafed through her immaculate collection of musical notes and cast aside any that were too overtly sentimental. She curled her lip sardonically at some of the titles, ignored those that were too agitated.

No one was there, of course, to listen to her playing, but standards had to be maintained.

What followed next, however, did surprise her.

It was not so much that she could detect noise through the floorboards, as a sort of rise in temperature. Quickening of muffled heartbeats, a sudden surge in energy. She pressed her Ice Queen palms to her Ice Queen ears and cheeks in an effort to cool down. But heat was calling to heat. Her earlobes were incandescent. She discovered she had no desire to play any music. She had to go downstairs to investigate.

Contrary to expectations, the cellar was not dark and damp. It had been painted in high reflective white, all the furniture was pale. Artificial light bounced off each and every one of its sharp corners. The floor was opaque milky glass. One slip and you were sprawled. But the Ice Queen could still sweep into such a room with her high heels, and glare at the writhing tangle of naked human bodies she found there.

‘Off with their heads!’ She whispered, and her whisper was all hiss and cold fury.

But the snaky arms beckoned, invited her into the warm sea of want. The pulsing chests offered blissful shade from the harsh strobe lights. How much longer would she be able to resist that invitation?

The Snow Queen. From “Andersen’s Fairy Tales” illustrated by Artuš Scheiner (1934)

3 thoughts on “The Ice Queen Goes to the Basement”

  1. I really like the study in contrasts here, Marina Sofia! And you’ve depicted the setting effectively. It makes me think and wonder about the Ice Queen, and I mean that as a compliment.

  2. Very nice, Marina Sofia. I usually don’t like very short pieces of fiction, but liked this a lot. I will have to open my mind and try more of that type of fiction.

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