Friday Fun: Future Retreat for Writers

When I retire (or when I can finally move abroad, whichever comes first), my dream is to buy a large chateau or villa and use it as a retreat for writers, artists, musicians and so on. So here are some contenders. Shush, don’t tell me about the costs of renovating and maintaining such a property – Friday Fun is all about escapism, remember? (All of the pictures are from the site, which is my weekly does of escapism)

In the Aosta nature reserve region.
Thonon-les-Bains, on Lake Geneva.
Montelimar, in the SE of France, famous for its nougat.
My old stomping grounds – or close enough, in the Jura region.
Aquitaine, close to the Atlantic coast.
Modest on the outside, but this too has a pool and plenty of outhouses, between Annecy and Geneva.
Just outside Besancon, this is already being run as a hotel, so conversion work is minimal.
This is a former monastic guesthouse in the Doubs region – and might actually be affordable.

So, which region or building do you prefer for your artistic retreat? Book your place early!

18 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Future Retreat for Writers”

  1. Gosh. Big dreams! Good luck. Me, I’d pick somewhere with mountains in view, and a big stretch of water, whether sea or lake. Where we lived in France – the Ariège – would do me.

  2. Living downtown in the hamlet of Les Imberts, Gordes, anyone of those places would suit me just fine Marina. Retire soon, my dear, and start renovating!!! After all the meticulous, long hours of work you have been doing over the years, it would be good to see you settled in such luxurious surroundings in France. You deserve it.

    1. Can you believe our little reunion in the south of France has now been postponed for a third year? Life is so unfair! Sadly, if I retire early, I may not have enough money for the renovations, but maybe more time to write. You’d be welcome to visit anytime you like, of course!

  3. Oh, I would love to come to your writer’s retreat, Marina Sofia! What a fantastic idea! I promise I’ll bring wine and treats! My first choice would be Thonon-les-Bains, but they all look heavenly.

  4. I’d love to stay at any of these retreats and write outdoors, under the generous shade of a large tree.

  5. I like the one by Annecy! One of my minor bugbears about being a researcher is that we don’t really do writing retreats even though we all have to write tonnes, so maybe I could gatecrash and pretend to be writing a future bestseller (instead of a series of papers that roughly eight people will read).

    1. Eh bien… I did briefly consider Italy too, but I’d have to learn the language really well, and houses are quite expensive in the areas where I’d want to live.

      1. Plus, now that you know all of the intricacies of the French administration, why lose all this competenc and have to learn the Italian ones. (which might be worse) 🙂

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